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Happy Ending

Ok the rumours are true, I have recorded a video giving a guy a happy ending. Never had a guy last more than 5 mins when I work his cock into a frenzy with oil and technique. The video is uncensored and can see my hand wrapped around a hard cock rubbing his cock and balls until he can take it no more and cums lovely thick warm cum over my hand. The video is about 2.30, I’m just too good at what I do lol. If you want to see it I’m selling it for only $15.

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To all my followers new and old

To all my followers new and old, as you know im recently single, living alone and studying. I will be graduating in a couple of month, and until then I have a final payment for tuition which I am trying to raise. I am not begging for money, so I make each and every one of u these deals which are only available for the next 48 hours:

$33 usd gets you two of my hot videos, a 10 minute strip, shower and tease video, as well as a short tit wank video clip, also included is a photo of my shaved pussy.

For $45 usd you get the same as above but also added to my mewe private group ‘thai with booty uncensored’ it isnt a membership, but is somewhere u will find photos of me tumblr deems too naughty.

I use paypal, and u receive the videos and photos via google drive. Message me if interested, this will expire in 48 hours, your choice boys