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English class


Being at university is great, not only am I studying Economics which I really enjoy, I get to wear what is often voted the sexiest uniform in the world. A little short black skirt, and a very tight white shirt that strains over my big boobs, often strains so much that it shows a lot of side boob.

The lecture theaters are different, depending what college you go to and what classes you take, many smaller classes are in rooms like classrooms at school. Though often I do have classes where it is a lecture theater and you are raised up, is always fun to tease the lecturer with a few full views up my skirt, I know other girls do it too, is fun to see them distracted and it passes the time well.

I get asked often with all the beautiful and sexy university girls on this page, that dont lecturers get horny or distracted. Answer is of course, many wont act on it and are professionals, though there are always some only too willing to give out extra credit for some extra curricular activities you might do.

I had one lecturer, he was in his 40s, still looked good, taught a mandatory English class. Well my English wasnt always as good as it is now, and I needed to pass that class. I put on a bit of a show when in class, and after class would flirt and show off my legs in heels, make sure my buttons were straining. He then asked for my line id, contacted me later that evening, and by the end of the week invited me to his place for one on one tuition. There was no pretense, when I got there he was in only a bath towel, he dropped it to reveal his throbbing hard white cock. He fucked me while i still wore my uniform, you can see the end result above as he came huge amounts all over me.

The following week, I had the highest GPA in the class xoxo