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Tales from the parlour

The introduction

My name is Lek, but at work I use the name Dao, it’s a name I used when I did some adult movies so I kind of use it as a pseudo name. I have been working in an average to small massage parlour in Bangkok for a number of months now, and what I plan to do is explain and share some of the wild experiences that have come about. This however is more of an introductory piece to give you an idea of the inner workings of it and to help your imagination. Firstly there are many massage parlour in Bangkok, they vary greatly in what they do and what services they give, there are some that may only cater to Thai’s etc, some are more like a spa, and others are effectively brothels. The one I am at is very average and a common sight in Bangkok, a small shop that opens to the road, full floor to ceiling windows and often a few girls sit outside and entice men (nearly all the time men, but not always) into the shop to have a massage. The prices are listed on the windows and type of massage, for example foot massage 1hr = 200 baht, or oil massage =300 baht and so on. Some places have set uniforms to wear, this is not often erotic more just practical. Where I work there is no set uniform, but often work in shorts and a t shirt to help with movement.

The massage parlour opens around midday, and will run officially until midnight when it is supposedly closed but ill get back to that part shortly. An average day for me I arrive at around 6pm and will work through until midnight, it is very hit and miss with customers, as you may only get one customer the entire evening, in some cases you might get no one especially if there is only one or two but multiple girls working. So if I am at work and a customer arrives, the girls work on rotation so unless requested specifically which isn’t often, if it is your turn my boss (Fon) will come an tell you someone has arrived, they have already been shown to the area. Where the massage takes place it’s a raised wooden stage with mats on them separated by curtains, there are 4 in a row, so my shops capacity at this time is 4. The guy depending on the massage he wants will have stripped to a towel and normally be lying face down with the hand towel covering his bottom and upper thigh, if it is a oil massage for example I will massage his back, thighs, lower legs, feet, then the other side including chest and arms, often finishing off with a head run or neck. He then has the option to go shower or dress and leave, for the hour’s massage I get about 150 baht. If he was my only customer for the night that wouldn’t pay for my fair there and back that night.

So probably from the first line you have been waiting for me to get onto this part, but probably from the price you can see the slight incentive to give a happy ending. If you massaged a guy, you know you will be earning little and he may have been your only customer of the evening, different girls have different methods (and different methods for different customers), but probably best is when massaging while hes face down you make sure to brush along his cock with your fingers, often a guy will get hard and horny, when he turns over you massage his legs, maybe slip your hand under the towel and grab his hard cock, remove the towel and ever so lightly move your hand up and down his shaft, and as if he wants a happy ending (here its often said as you want me finish you), it is very rare for a man at that point to say no, if they hesitate just look a little disappointed or enthusiastic still with their cock in your hand and 9/10 they will then ask how much. I have heard all different prices but for a handjob it’s around 500 to 1000 baht, I have heard of them being down for more and for less. If hes said yes then get a lot of oil going and jerk him off, I am fully clothed he is naked, jerking his cock with a lot of oil it is rare for someone to last long and in truth I don’t want him to. When he has cum the massage is over and it may have been only 20 to 30 minutes instead of the hour he paid for. I will then clean with wipes, he may dress or go shower, then he pays and leaves. Where I work you are allowed to give a happy ending but no more. I don’t know any girl who doesn’t do them as you could have an average night doing massage and get around 500 baht, or average night with happy ending and be taking home 3000 baht. Not something to make a career from but while im studying all day it works for me.

Don’t worry it doesn’t all end there, I said I would get back to the bit about closing times and here it is. The place I work doesn’t close until 3 or 4am depending on the night of the week and customer flow. At midnight a couple of girls still sit outside, there is a light on inside but one rather than many, when a customer comes in he will say he wants a massage (some at that time of night are a bit more blunt), the area downstairs is not used this time of night as we are closed, instead customers are lead upstairs, we have 2 floors of rooms upstairs, the rooms are wooden walls instead of curtains but the segregated walls do not reach the ceiling. If a customer is taken upstairs Fon has often left and one of the other girls left in charge, he will be taken into a room and everything is the same as the day time, he can be massaged and leave, he could have a happy ending or, well let’s just say when in one of the massage rooms upstairs all negotiations are between the customer and the masseuse. Though the rooms might be private and safe to not be seen, the noise carries easily, mostly is just voices of conversation, but other noises are often heard. I know this has been brief but is to introduce you to a bit what its like. Every day is a different tale and I will share different stand out moments with you all shortly. Well that’s all for me, better get back to work.