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Panty selling

So this post is a little different from usual, Ill get to the point, this post is about panty selling. I have been selling my panties off and on for a few years now, sometimes pushing it more than others, selling on various other webpages. I am now bringing my panty selling and offering all my followers the chance to own a pair of panties worn by me. From experience people like to buy my panties for various reasons, some are the more simple thing that they just want to help me out, or they like to possess something of mine that I have owned and worn, others like to wear them, some like to cum in them and show me, im always happy to hear from guys who have bought my panties and they can comment or share photos of themselves enjoying them, others are tired of jerking off, think how much better it would be if now you were looking at my photos of me in a tiny pair of panties, the exact same pair of panties you now have wrapped around your hard cock, then of course there are those who like to smell me, but I must warn you I am addictive. I think panty selling is a wonderful and intimate relationship between buyer and seller, so for those of you a little on the fence I recommend you give it a try.

As a lot of my followers will know my circumstances have changed a lot recently and to be truthful with you all I am a lot worse off financially than I was before. This doesn’t affect my blog of how I interact with you all. I was encouraged to start a wish list or a go fund me page, but for me I don’t want to ask followers to help out that way, I enjoy doing what I do for free as its always been, I just enjoy selling panties, I love the thought of followers of mine all over the world having a pair of my panties to enjoy.

My blog is remaining exactly the same. There are some of you who will have no interest in panties, or in my personal life, that Is ok, and the photos above are for all of you to enjoy. However if you are interested in helping me out and want to buy a pair of my panties here is how it goes. I have many different styles of panties and can match what most people want. I took these photos this evening, and are all ready to be worn, sold and sent anywhere. All you have to do is message me a number from the photos above and on a first come first serve basis it can be yours. If you do not see one about you like but know a style you like, let me know and im sure I can get it. As a note, I do not send individuals photos of me if different panties, photos of me in panties are provided to those who buy my panties. I have sent panties to many different countries including Canada, UK, USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, Australia and Brazil and have always had good results in arrival and time taken.

Panties are priced at $35 USD which includes postage and packaging, though I am human and if you feel that is too high or low you can message me and talk about it. Payments are by paypal only.

Below is what you get for purchasing a pair of my panties:

A pair of my worn panties, I will have worn for 24 hours, normally at university and in the evening.

Photos of me in the panties you have bought, your name, date can be in them as proof

The panties are sent in a zip lock bag

The package is unmarked, only name and address given

I understand this wont be for everyone, but if you are interested send me a message. If you have no intention to buy then message me about something else, I am not sending out photos of my panties or me in them, all photos and videos on my blog are free already. So if your keen why not give it a try, you could be enjoying a pair of my panties very very soon

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