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Amateur shot material of Lek

As some of you may know I just graduated from university with a BEc, a Bachelors in Economics, to celebrate this I am after years finally releasing a x-rated compilation video available to buy for a short time. I start an office job in August, so now it your chance while im feeling happy about my degree and currently broke and unemployed lol.

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Not your normal friday night

I knew it was a bad idea to wear this dress here; I wouldn’t normally have worn one so short, but it was the way Nut was smiling and encouraging me. I couldn’t seem to say no.

So here I am in the middle of a very busy club wearing a very short and tight dress, with only a little g string underneath. I feel very exposed. Still standing next to Nut I guess I shouldn’t feel like that. After all she seems to be showing more skin than me. Her high heels showing off her exposed legs leading all the way up to her little mini shirt, at some points in the night I’ve managed to catch glimpses of her ass.

Then there is her toned mid drift with her cute little belly button piercing. And then I get to the point where I think every man in the club is looking along with me, the tight low cut tank top, it barley is containing her boobs, I can see her nipples poking through her tight top.

Well at least that makes me feel a little less self conscience, everyone seems to be looking at Nut along with me. I have already felt a few touches of my ass since I have been here, even a few slaps or grabs from the more daring man, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it and get excited by it. But nothing exciting me more than when I was dancing with Nut, she was being loud and wild, we were grinding together, I don’t know if she realized how much I enjoyed having her big boobs pressed against me, or the joy I got from putting my hands on her thighs and hips. Though I think she enjoyed it more than me when she had her hands on my ass and slid my dress up a little exposing my ass to all those watching, with just her hands and a little g string protecting my modesty.

Now we are next to each other, we are chatting to other people, but often we catch eyes with each other and share a smile together, I don’t know if it the same thoughts we are sharing. It both thrills and scares me that we might be.

Nut asks me to go to the toilets with her, there is nothing unusual there, and girls often go to the toilets in pairs, so why am I feeling so nervous? I can’t help looking at her legs and ass as I follow her hand in hand to the toilets. When we get there its busy, we have to wait for quite a while, we are talking with each other, but it seems more flirty than usual, she keeps biting her lip in such a sexy way, I can’t stop looking at her cleavage and her soft tanned skin, I want her now, I think she wants me too, I can feel her grip on my hand tightening each time I say something.

Before I know it a cubical becomes free, Nut hurries in and im left standing with a chill of excitement outside. I finally get my chance to breath, my breaths are short and uneven, my body feels a complete tingle all over and I can feel my g string becoming wet and a slight dribble running down my inner thigh. All of a sudden I hear the door to the cubical Nut is in come unlocked, what should I do? Was it an accident? Or am I supposed to go in. I come closer to the door and call out to Nut if she is ok. When she doesn’t reply I begin to slowly open the door enough to look in.

And there she was, completely naked standing in front of me, I look down to her feet where she is still wearing her new black heels, they make her firm smooth legs look even more slender, my eye flow up her body to see her neatly groomed pussy, her toned stomach, and her very big and very firm breasts with her nipples pointing hard, her neck which I want to kiss right up to her big luscious lips with a big smile on them. When I meet her eyes they are looking lustfully at me. I don’t even remember coming inside the cubical and locking the door behind me or falling into her embrace, but the next thing I knew I had my hands crawling up and down her back as we were passionately kissing each other. I start to kiss her behind the ear which is making her ever so lightly groan, as I move my attention slowly to the nape of her neck, my hands fall upon her breasts and her loss of breath is making me wet. As im licking and sucking on her nipples she is tugging at my dress to get it down, as she unzips my dress I feel it fall around my ankles. I slowly make my way to my knees and she is still standing, slowly moving my tongue down her stomach until it reaches a little patch of hair slightly above her wet pussy. I can smell her, feel the warmth coming from her pussy and its making me crazy, I can take it no longer and stick out my tongue towards her pussy, with my first lick I can taste her, it’s very wet and she shakes as my tongue moves slowly around her clit.

As I get more and more hungry for her she begins to groan more and more, her whole body shaking and I kiss and luck her clit first slowly but now more and more rapidly. She falls back to sitting on top of the toilet and now I’m on all fours with my mouth still between her legs, she spreads her legs open to give me complete access to her pussy and she begins to moan uncontrollably.  I can hear her pant she is going to cum, I feel so wet too I can feel my juices running down my inner thighs. I slide a finger inside her wet pussy as I continue to lick and taste her delicious flavour, I can tell by the way her body is talking to me that she is going to cum, I side another finger inside her and increase the speed. She can take it no more and with a cry she begins to cum with my face buried in her pussy. I continue to lick her; I can taste her warm cum as she continues to cum again and again as I won’t stop licking her clit with my fingers deep inside her.

I’m kneeling in front of her, my mouth wet from her pussy, she is looking and I with her legs spread wide open still lustfully. I hold up the fingers that had been inside of her as she came, and slowly run my tongue along them and then slowly put them in my mouth sucking all the remaining juices off of them.

She pulls my up to her mouth for a kiss, I know she can taste her pussy on my lips but we both don’t care, her whole body relaxed with satisfaction, mine so alert and eager for pleasure. She is still sat upon the toilet, on standing above her leaning over kissing, her lips start to work slowly down my neck as I start to breath more and more erratically, I want her, I need her, before I know it she is licking my rock hard pointy nipples and I never want it to stop, concentrating on the pleasure I feel, I didn’t notice her hand make its way down my body to between my legs. With Nuts tongue and lips working pleasure on my nipples, her hand slowly makes it way up my inner thigh, her hand rubs against my smooth waxed wet pussy, she rubs her hand back and forth over my pussy, it’s open and ready as she glides her fingers inside of me. It feels amazing and her fingers penetrate my hungry pussy and her tongue draws electrifying pleasure to my nipples. It doesn’t take long before I think I’m going to cum, with the buildup of so much pleasure there is no way I can contain my groans as those close by much have known what was going on as I groaned out with pleasure cumming with the intense pleasure.

I pulled back and smiled, but Nut wasn’t smiling back, she looked hungry for more, I was right, she said ‘I’m not done with you yet’ and spun me around, I leant towards the door with my ass in from of her face and legs slightly spread. She sat up on the toilet so my ass was directly in front of her face. With my face pressed against the door I had no idea what she had planned for me next, but I was excited to find out.

Her hands were rubbing themselves all over my ass, soon one left and came back with a SMACK, the noise was loud even with the music loudly coming from the dance floor. I gave out an exhale as it stung with pleasure, she kissed it better before slapping it again, and repeating this a few times until it was red raw and I could feel my whole ass cheek burning. Next her fingers came searching down my butt crack, over my tight asshole and down to my pussy, they settled on either side of my ass cheeks as Nut was pulling them apart,

I could feel the cooler air until her tongue reached my asshole, it felt amazing as she licked and poked my asshole with her tongue, I pushed my ass more into her face and she pushed her face more into my ass until I could feel her tongue inside my asshole, as she did this her fingers found my pussy and were working their way inside. With her tongue in my asshole and fingers in my pussy it wasn’t long before I was cumming again, this time I was cumming to the sound of the cleaning staff banging on the door asking what is going on in there. I think it was kind of obvious from the noises, but guess it’s the standard thing you say. My and Nut hugged naked and kissed after as the banging on the door continued, Nut whispered in my ear ‘let’s go find some cock’ to which I said nothing but would follow her anywhere.

Feeling very naughty we opened the door of the cubical in our very skimpy little dresses, the cleaner looking at us as well as other girls in line for the bathroom. We said nothing as we walked hand in hand back to the dance floor.

It didn’t take long of being on the dance floor to once again become surrounded by eager horny men vying for our attention, as soon as one man moved away another within seconds would take his place grinding against u or in front of you. This went on for a while, was just enjoying the night, I could see Nut was doing the same things as I was so we mostly ignored each other and enjoyed the attention. I don’t know how much time had passed but I felt a soft hand slip around my waist and pull me in tight. Next thing I knew I had Nut whispering in my ear ‘I think I’ve found the perfect guy’ She was never looking for one of the attractive confident men we had been surrounded by all night, she wanted someone lower on confidence and give him a night he would never forget.

I could see him, he was in his early 30s, white guy, glasses, hair into a side parting with way too much gel, he was wearing a white shirt with jeans, he was tubby but face unmarked and handsome enough, he was nursing a drink, sitting alone and starring at any pretty girl that walked past, but in the time we watched him he never made any effort to go to talk with anyone.

Me and Nut in our short tight dresses and high heels walked right up to him, until we were standing right in front of him, leaning forward to speak in his ear we asked if we could sit with him, at first I thought he just couldn’t hear over the loud noise of the club, but I soon realized he was staring at my cleavage and the rest of the world can become a blur to him. We joined him, he was very nervous at first, and was on a constant state of alert that we were tricking him or part of some game. He was a bit nerdy, but cute about it, first speaking about a card game called Magic, and when asked what he does most days he said he stays home playing World of Warcraft, lucky I had played it too a few years ago and when I mentioned I played for the alliance and had a warrior to level 50 he was very impressed and started going on about expansion packs where I nodded and smiled as I had no idea what was going on. I am not so straight to the point, but Nut is, she doesn’t wait for something, if she wants something or to do something then she will just do it. She told him she wanted him to take us both home with him, again seemed to take him a while to get to the point that he did want to and he was staying at a hotel in Bangkok for a few days, either way the stirring in his pants showed he was keen.

A few of the men who had been pursuing us all night couldn’t believe their eye as Ken walked out of the club holding my hand with his left and tongue reached my assholes with his right and we made our way to get a taxi to his hotel. Bangkok has terrible traffic all day and night so a uneventful taxi journey to where the fun was to begin should have only been a side note, though stuck in traffic we had more time to talk with Ken away from the loud music in the club we left behind. Turns out Ken was 34, was on holiday for a few weeks with his brother and brothers friends who had encouraged him to come out that evening and then pretty much abandoned him in the club, not sure if intentionally or just forgot about Ken, but that how he came to be sitting subdued in the club alone. Talk drifted more to sex, again at the mention of the word we could notice his pants becoming a little tighter. He wasn’t very sexually experienced, had lost his virginity at a high school prom, I’m assuming his own, or very much hope so 😛 and had had one girlfriend since when he was at college but nothing notable since, part of the reason he had been encouraged to tag along to Thailand by his brother was to try and get a little more action.

Nut asked him if he had ever been with two women before, I don’t know what answer she had expected, or if it were a rhetorical question, but obviously he had not, he seemed concerned about his own performance to which Nut said there was no need to worry about that as me and her would take care of everything. He was then concerned that he might cum too quickly, to which she smiled at me and said we have a solution for that too. As she said that she pulled down her top to reveal her big boobs, her nipples were hard and pointy, she forced his head to her chest and licked at her nipples like he were hungry. I worked on his belt, pants button and zipper, a few times he moved as if to stop or was unsure, but every time Nut guided he attention back to her boobs. I reached in and pulled out his throbbing cock, from what I had thought was a below average cock he was hiding turned to a bit of a monster with all the blood rushing to it. As a quick guess I would say 8-9 inches but it was the girth of it which caught my attention, my hand around it couldn’t join together.

I began to suck his cock, licking the head of his cock and working down the shaft before taking it in my mouth, stretching my mouth taking as much of it in my mouth as I could. If you are wondering, taxi drivers at night have seen a lot of things, and though he enjoyed a bit of a show, said nothing the whole time. Kens big cock felt great in my mouth, Nut was giggling as ken lapped hungrily at her breasts between groans of delight, after only a few minutes Ken panted he was going to cum, next thing I knew his big cock started erupting in my mouth, firing thick warm lines of cum down my throat, I would have probably swallowed anyway, but the power and volume that he was cumming left me little choice, once I felt his cock start to soften and my cheeks were filled like a hamster, with two big gulps I swallowed the remainder of his load. Putting his cock away for him and Nut pulled her dress back up, he laid back with bright red cheeks and a moist brow as we edged closer and closer to his hotel.

Upon arriving at his hotel, we walked with him the same way we had left the club, holding a hand each showing we were both with him rather than a girlfriend and a +1. The lobby was fairly quiet that that time though, only one night staff on the reception who either had seem this and plenty more many times before or had learnt not to look interested we made our way to the elevator and then down the corridor to his room.

Once inside his room we sat him on the edge of the bed as me and Nut began to undress each other,

as our clothes fell to the floor we moved in to embrace each other, both being with big boobs they were pressing against each other and squashed in-between us as we kissed. We put on a show for him, completely naked we took turns touching each other and kissing nearly every inch of one another, we stripped Ken naked and took him into the bathroom, fantasy would have had a lovely big room with glass shower doors with lots of room, reality was just an old stained shower curtain and a very cramp shower, though I don’t think many designers make them for three. Naked we all stepped into the shower, warm water running down our naked bodies, again we let Ken enjoy a feast with his eyes as we caressed each other’s bodies using huge amounts of shower gel to lather up our bodies, slipping and sliding everywhere. Ken got in and was fully erect, one of us in front of him the other behind we rubbed soap all over his body using our body to rub it in, Nut was loving his python between his legs and spent a lot of time rubbing soap into that, we then put the shower to only a trickle, covered our boobs in lots of soap and knelt down in front of Ken, we pushed and held our boobs together as he fucked our big boobs with ease, stabbing down at them with his big hard cock he penetrated our cleavage with pleasure and ease.

Out of the shower I grabbed Kens cock and lead him to the bed, once on the bed for the second time tonight I sucked him big cock, this time he watched as my head bobbed up and down taking his cock in my mouth and sliding my lips up and down his shaft. Nut went over and sat on his face having her pussy eaten but a hungry Ken, after Nut had had her enjoyment, I moved into a 69 position with Ken, his tongue working my pussy with encouraged me to suck his cock more and more, licking at his still huge balls and covering his cock in my saliva. When Nut then began to lick my asshole at the same time I was receiving so much pleasure I started to deep throat Kens big cock, his big cock touching my throat, I began to gag and choke at time but continued to do so out of pure pleasure.

Thick saliva pouring from my mouth all over Kens cock and balls, only times I stopped was to groan with pleasure or to gasp for air. When you have pleasure like that your open to anything and so Ken stood up as me and Nut bent over the bed in front of him presenting our asses to him, pussies wet and hungry for his cock,

I guess he couldn’t resist the pussy he had just been tasting because only a few seconds after being in position his thick cock was sliding inside me, it stretched my pussy and kept going and going but it felt amazing, I had been craving a nice thick cock all evening, for all the pleasure my pussy had received this was my main goal, this was the reward much pussy had been searching for all night, he fucked a little differently to others, seeming to want to push all the way in, then pull his cock out to almost the tip and thrusting in again strong, in a very slow but strong pattern, each time he trust I let out a forced gasp of pleasure and shock at his big cock filled my pussy,

Nut would kiss and watch my face smiling as my boobs rocked back and forth with his thrusts, next he swapped over to Nut and it was my turn to watch her as she took the same strong thrusts from behind, I watched her face as it thought between pleasure and pain, and as her big boobs rocked back and forth. Getting bored of waiting with my ass up in the air I moved round and lay in front of Nut with my legs spread in front of Nut, she took the gesture and started to lick my pussy, again as she enjoyed the sex she licked my pussy more and more, Ken obviously enjoying the sight of his cock going in and out of Nuts tight pussy, looking to her head buried between my legs and the slight of my boobs and face enjoying it all.

Being my turn to take kens cock again, we were now all on the bed, again Ken loved to fuck doggy, a position neither of the girls he had been with before had allowed him to do, but a standard position for us we let him do it as much as he wanted. This time Nut positioned herself under me in a 69 position and so I was getting fucked from behind by Ken, while licking Nuts pussy and Nut licking my pussy as Kens cock trust in and out of me. If you had noticed, Nut is more into women than men, she classes herself as bi but tend to date women with occasional sex with men, this position is the closest she came to sucking cock as she doesn’t enjoy it, as you may have noticed I have been the one sucking Kens cock, as I enjoy sucking cock and she doesn’t it kind of worked out that way. All of us are making noise as we are all being pleasured simultaneously, at that moment the door opens and its Kens brother, I didn’t mind as I have been caught having sex before, been seen having sex and naked by many people so it didn’t bother me, Ken seemed bothered by horny and not wanting to leave what he was doing, Kens brothers face was priceless, Kens bother Pete was handsome, athletic, strong, and coming home alone, where as he sad tubby nerd of an older brother who had been brought a long on this holiday to be ridiculed and teased was now on their hotel bed fucking two hot Thai girls. Was a short interruption where Pete said ‘Ken what are you doing’ to which Ken replied ‘what’s it look like I’m doing’, Pete looked in shock but still made steps into the room, not that Ken needed to grow balls as he had huge ones, but he basically told Pete to get the fuck out and stay in Toms room, I’m guessing Tom was one of his friends. The whole thing lasted only a minute or two, the excitement of it all was more fun than a hindrance for us and we got back to what we were doing quickly enough, only slight problem is Ken who was worried about cumming quick, the thrill of being caught by his bother with two girls had obviously brought him closer to the edge than planned and he was saying he needed to cum. It was ok, we had had a lot of fun, and from when me and Nut had first undressed until now had already been well over 45 minutes ago, panting I asked where he wanted to cum, he seemed not to know what to say, I would guess he had plenty of ideas but was slightly afraid to ask. Nut just said, he wants either to cum in you, or cum on our faces isn’t that right Ken, to which Ken admitted it was, me and Nut knelt on the floor in front of Kens big cock as he jerked his cock for a minute or two, after which he unleashed his second huge load of the night, before I had just felt it firing and filling my mouth, now I was seeing it shoot out of his cock, the first shot went flying over our heads but the next one caught me right in the face, leaving a thick line of cum all the way from my eyebrow to my cheek, his next one on Nut then back to me, cum kept coming out of his cock, few men can completely cover a woman’s face with cum, he had managed it for two. I took his cock in my mouth tasting the last of his cum as it trickled out.

I could open one eye, but Nut couldn’t at all so I had to lead her to the bathroom blinded by cum, as we began to wash it off, not just this time but in general it always amazes me the places cum gets, finding drops of cum everywhere. We returned to the bedroom, Ken looking a bit shy, I think he is normally a shy and subdued person, but when horny and allowed to do anything he wants, becomes another person and now with his balls drained returned to his lesser self-feeling a bit guilty about fucking hard and cumming on our faces. Deep down though I know he didn’t regret and thing, he had fucked two hot Thai girls in a threesome, had his cock sucked in a taxi, fucked doggy style, had a girl swallow his cum, covered two girls faces with his cum and probably best of all, his brother had seen and will never look down on his older brother the same way again. It was around 2am, Nut and I had planned to dress and leave but instead decided to sleep over with Ken, he was a sweet and caring guy, and after you have done all we had together you feel fairly comfortable with each other. There were other bits in the night that could make for more paragraphs or chapters of the story, for example we all slept in the bed together, I don’t know what time it was but was still dark but I was woken to the bed shaking a little and grunts and groans as just laying on their sides Ken was fucking Nut from behind, didn’t last too long, Ken obviously taking advantage of having women in his bed with him while he could. There was also the return of Pete, he seemed an ok guy, think he just didn’t know how to react that is was his brother with the girls and not him, normally he would bring girl after girl home with him, and ignore his loser brother playing computer games late into the night, but now he was finally jealous of Ken, I don’t quite know what he was doing in the room, was still dark out, could have been minutes or hours since I last woke but he was creeping around in the room near the bed, Ken luckily woke up and asked what his brother was doing, his brother paused like a rabbit in headlights, said he was getting something from his bag, though did seem to leave with nothing, Ken got up when he left and locked the door bolt so even the key card wouldn’t let Pete back in again. I watched Ken walking back to bed, stopping by the mini fridge to get a drink, he went out onto the balcony, I decided to get up and follow him out there, must have been around 5am, another hour or so before the sun would begin to rise, we spoke for a bit, both naked on the balcony, the night breeze making my nipples become rock hard, he reached out and touched my boobs, I didn’t stop him, moments later for the third time that night I sucked his cock,

though this was the first time on the balcony, the balcony faced over balconies, as the hotel was built like a square with the middle empty and open to the elements and all balconies looked over the pool. There were many rooms facing and overlooking our balcony, and the balcony was only thin railings rather than a wall. We were very visible, if it were the middle of the day you might as well have walked around the hotel naked as to how exposed you were, though this was during the night when all rooms seemed in darkness or curtains closed, our balcony itself offering no light, with the only like from the full moon above us. With his cock fully grown again I laid him on one of the sun loungers and rode his cock, was the first time I think in the whole evening he wasn’t fucking doggy style, he enjoyed the sight, our bodies slightly illuminated by the moon, he reached up to play with my bouncing boobs, forgetting where we were we started to groan and he enjoyed my tight pussy bouncing on his cock and I enjoyed his thick cock in me. Next Ken got what he seemed to enjoy the most, I bent over the balcony railing and he fucked me from behind, anyone who could see us would have seen everything as the balconies are very exposed. Not for the first time that night my boobs were rocking back and forth as he fucked me from behind. I knew he was getting closer to cumming as he fucked stronger and was making more noise, I expected him to say but next thing I knew his cock was firing more of his cum inside me, he stayed inside me for a while, long after he had cum, until he cock slipped out by itself, again the same as before the horny confidence he had moments before was gone and he could barely look at me as he said sorry. I just gave him a kiss on the lips, he could then look at me and smiled. I wasn’t woken any more that night, we slept in late, from drinking and going to the club, having sex in toilets, taxis, 3somes and balcony I think we needed a long sleep. Leaving in the morning is always fun after a night out, think it’s called the walk of shame when you go home in clothes you clearly wore out partying the night before. I’ve never minded I was happy with what happened and had a lot of fun, so I don’t care what people look and think. I had expected something sexual to happen in the morning, though perhaps all of us did but no one instigated it. Nut did give him a hand job when he woke, to which I helped with too, nut let him cum on her boobs, which for what was I believe his 5th time of cumming was still fairly impressive. We showered and left, only thing he asked was to speak loudly in the corridor as we were leaving, it worked as he planned as his brother and friends opened the door to see us both in tiny tight dresses and high heels give him a kiss and walk past them down the corridor. Ken turned out to be a lot of fun, as for Nut, she is a wild one, wasn’t how I expected the night to go when I was getting ready that evening.

My Porn debut

Ive taken a long time thinking about if this is a story I want to tell on here or not. I have been happy to share with you one of my experiences of a threesome, also about being a naughty student at university, but now I have decided to tell you about my time doing some porn videos before and during my first year of university. My main motivation was to make quick money, as I could not afford my student fees, I had a friend who I spoke about this to and she shared with me a few ideas of how to make quick money, bar work, escorting, porn amongst other things. None of these immediately appealed to me, we discussed the pros and cons of each and how much I would have to work and what I would have to do, it wasn’t until talking about porn that my friend said she knew a girl who had done it and if I wanted to she could put me in touch. I saw no harm in just meeting to hear about it and so my story beings, with my first of a few experiences in the porn industry in South East Asia. (I will not talk about company names, and where needed, people’s names have been changed too).

At the time I was currently working, and starting university in a month’s time, I had already paid a deposit and needed to come up with the next instalment of money in the next few weeks for my university fees. My friend arranged to meet with Bee (the girl who had experience in porn) and her husband one afternoon at a coffee shop in Bangkok along Sukhumvit road. I arrived a little late and Bee and her husband were already there, Bee (Thai) was in her mid-thirties and her husband a white guy in his early 40s. I smiled and went over to them, as I sat down, Bees husband Paul asked if I wanted anything, but I politely declined, even with no pressure I was feeling very nervous and apprehensive.

Bee and Paul seemed very relaxed, both beautiful and handsome, and cut straight to the point, ‘so you’re interested in making a movie’ Paul came right out and said, I glanced round immediately seeing if anyone had overheard, but it seemed no one was paying out table any special interest. So over the next 20 minutes, I listened to Paul and Bee tell about their experiences of porn, what I would be expected to do, how much I was likely to get paid, the good and the bad. Both Paul and Bee had done porn in Thailand before and explained how it would be a little different to bigger markets like the US and Japan, it’s a lot more budget and you’re making a quick movie on camera, no one is shooting to stardom. Bee had done a few movies, and Paul was friends with a guy who’s company was quite prominent in SEA (south East Asia) making porn movies. I got Paul and Bee’s contact details and they said to think it over and if I was keen to try, they could meet again and ‘get the ball rolling’.

I took a weekend to think about it, I have always enjoyed sex, and tried a few things already, Bee had said the porn is unlikely to ever become big, or well known, chances of ever seeing it again are incredibly low. So I thought I’d meet again and see what happens next, I could always disappear if things became weird or had a change of heart. It was a Sunday and I had arranged to meet Bee, Paul and Paul’s friend Connor at Paul’s condo near the coffee shop we had met previously. When I arrived they let me in, the condo was spacious, and all 3 of them were there already. Connor lead the discussion, saying I was very sexy, ‘great tits, big ass, and a cute face to cum on’ as he put it, I took it as a compliment.

He said that if I wanted to, they would be happy to use me in a scene within the next couple of weeks, said I would have to go get a health checkup in the morning, then meet at the hotel at a certain time, do the scene and then im done. Money would be paid beforehand, it’s a ‘simple’ 1on1 sex scene with a guy. BJ, missionary, doggy, on top, doggy, cumshot, easy easy as he put it. I listened to it all, and the people were so friendly and spoke so confidently about everything, I was agreeing to do it even before I have properly got my head around it. The afternoon wore on and conversation had changed to different topics sharing glasses of wine and enjoying a relaxing time. Connor had been out of the room for a while came back in and brought the conversation back to my impending porn debut, ‘8 days from now, Monday week, Hotel A, room 201, 14.00 pm, bring a medical certificate from that morning, clothing ill contact you about during the week’. I typed the information into my phone, it was suddenly all becoming real now having an exact date, time and location, Connor was going to be ‘directing’ the scene. ‘Right, last thing, im going to have to see you naked’ Connor burst out with, I shot an alarmed look at Bee who I had been talking with all afternoon, she smiled and said ‘relax, its normal, he needs to know what hes working with, and besides, hes going to be seeing everything next week’ to which she laughed and kind of made me relax about it (or maybe that was the red wine). I gave a look as to where I should take my clothes off, and got a little gesture suggesting right where I was on the sofa was as good a spot as any. I stood up, took my top off, and pulled my shorts down, so I was standing in my bra and thong, all three of them staring at me as I reached around and unhooked my bra, I let it slide off my arm and fall to the floor exposing my boobs to them all, nipples big and hard as always. I grabbed either side of my thong with each hand and slid it down so I was standing there completely naked in front of them. There were a few murmurs of comments, then Connor stood up and said ‘do you mind’ as he hand came forth and touched my boob, bum and other parts of my body, feeling the firmness. The comments were complimentary and I gained confidence, I had just shaved my pussy and it was very smooth much to their delight. ‘Can you touch yourself a bit’ Connor said, again I shot a quizzical look to Bee, who with a great smile just nodded encouragement adding ‘no need to be shy’. So I touched my boobs, pushing them together, feeling my erect nipples, sliding my hand down my stomach, reaching my smooth pussy feeling the heat between my legs, and running my middle finger parting my lips to feel my wet pussy. It felt good, but I suddenly remember my surroundings and asked if that was all, to which everyone seemed to snap out of the spell and Connor quickly said ‘yes, yes of course, thank you’. I stayed that the condo a little while longer, is odd to me how I didn’t find it embarrassing, actually more relieving that they had seen me naked, and now sitting dressed again with them, I chatted and drank freely, feeling incredibly relaxed.

Throughout the course of the next week, I put the looming porn debut date to the back of my mind, during the week, it once again was brought back to me, when Connor messaged asking about outfits, deciding I would wear a skirt too short, gstring, tank top with no bra, and black high heeled shoes, wasn’t my choice of outfit, but he seemed very happy with the idea. I told no one all week, my friend had asked whatever came of the meeting with her friend, but even then I told her it was ok but I hadn’t contacted them since. Monday rolled around very quickly, I went to a clinic near mine for a health check, then next thing I knew I was in the small lobby of a 3 star hotel in central Bangkok.

I went up in the elevator, and arrived on the second floor, I was wearing jeans, and the tank top, but had the skirt in a bag along with makeup and another change of clothes, not sure why, just wasn’t really thinking straight all day. When outside the room, I took a deep breath and knocked on the door, after only a few seconds a guy answered and I went in, in the room, it was a fairly average sized hotel room, there was a double bed, a couple of chairs in the corner with a small coffee table, a TV and bedside tables with a lamp on each as well as a bathroom, which had what you would expect to find, as well as a bath and separate shower.

The only difference from a normal hotel room, is this room at two big lights (technical equipment for filming is all a bit beyond me, but im sure you get the idea), a camera on a stand, as well as a handheld camera, a broom for sound, and 5 men. Connor was there an leapt up from the bed to greet me, he introduced me to the other 4 men, 2 of them were light and sound, Connor was to be on camera, another guy Jake was the ‘actor’ (weird meeting for the first time like this knowing in a few moments you will be fucking you in from of everyone else) and the last guy ive no idea what his role was apart from staring at me. All the people were ok and helpful enough, Connor told me I could go through to the bathroom to do any makeup and get dressed.

I was nervous and had butterflies in my stomach, but also I was feeling incredibly aroused and turned on about the thought of having sex with a stranger, on camera, in front of 4 other men. Connor came into the bathroom and spoke to me about what they wanted to do while I was getting dressed. Said he would call cut, to change location around the room or position, though if Jake moves me into another position while filming just go with it unless he called cut. I was to listen to direction from Connor during filming if to move body parts etc., mostly limbs get in the way of a good shots and angels, the view is more important than the comfort of the actors. When filming starts I am to be standing next to the bed, he will film up my skirt and around my body, I should bend over and move around at his direction, Jake will then come over with just jeans and a belt, im to go to my knees and suck his cock for around 5 minutes, then Jake will remove my clothes and play/explore my body, eat my pussy, then missionary on the bed, doggy over one of the chairs, ride him on the chair, doggy over the bed and then facial cum shot. I was listening to him say everything as I got dressed, standing there in high heel shoes, a little short pleated skirt covering only about have my ass, a little black G-string and a white tank top which my nipples poked through as clear as day. Connor looked me over, could already see a bulge in his pants, and simply said ‘ready?’ I smiled and nodded and we went out into the main room.

There was about 10 minutes still of setting up by the ‘crew’ as me and Jake waited for our scene, other than a quick hello, this was my first chance to really get a good look at him and speak to him a little. Jake had done quite a few scenes before, though hadn’t for a long time, but said he happened to be in Thailand at this time and Connor contacted him saying they had a sexy girl, with the best ass he would ever get a chance to enjoy, so Jake jumped at the chance, turns out Jake wasn’t really earning anything much from the scene, just liked to have sex with hot Asian girls on camera, he was in his late 50s, from USA, short hair, slightly graying, fairly slim, tall and apparently very well hung. At that he asked if I wanted to see before we started shooting, I reached out and felt it a little beneath his jeans, I just smiled and said ‘I want the surprise’. Almost perfect timing as just at that moment Connor called over that they were ready to shoot.

I stood next to the bed, as Connor has said, and let him move the handheld camera around me, he would often tell the lighting to be moved slightly, and directing me to bend over or to spread my legs, at this point there wasn’t really much work for me to do, other than move slightly from time to time and let his camera explore all over my body. Connor called cut and moved back to the other camera, as I stood where I was I waited for Jake to enter the scene and come over to me, when he entered the shot, as would often happen over the course of the afternoon, he was told I was the main focus and to move out of shot slightly. As Jake came over his hands felt around my waist and slid down to squeeze my bum. I stood slightly as a doll, letting him explore me, touching me, he would hold my throat as he moved my head to kiss him, his other hand grabbing my boobs very strong that it hurt, yet so thrilling to have him take control. He ripped down my tank top, exposing my boobs, he grabbed them and fondling them with his hands, sucking on them like a hungry animal, while sucking and grabbing at my boobs, he found time to yank down my skirt and g string, once naked apart from my high heels (which I wore throughout the scene) he pushed me onto the bed. One of the crew gave him the handheld camera as he filmed close ups, firstly my big firm boobs being grabbed, squeezed together and licked, moving down to my tight, smooth, wet pussy, as I parted my legs rubbed my pussy and parted the lips exposing my dripping pink pussy hole and clit, he began to finger me and it made me groan with excitement, it felt so good to have something inside me, I completely forgot where I was, closed my eyes and moaned heavily with the pleasure first of his fingers and then his tongue, I was so into it I thought I might cum when suddenly Connor shouts ‘Cut’ I felt the heat rush to my cheeks and I look around all the men in the room looking at me completely naked and my legs spread and my pussy blossoming like a lotus in front of them. Connor said now it’s time to suck Jakes cock, said it just as simple as that. Jake was standing up next to the bed, I could see his huge bulge under his jeans, and it appeared he wasn’t joking around when he boasted how big he was.

I was still naked, my clothes had been removed from the previous scene, this scene started with me standing in front of Jake, falling to my knees and undoing his belt, once that was done, I unbuttoned his pants, slid down the zip, and then tugged at his jeans. As they reached his ankles, I am left with this huge cut python right in front of my face, all the crew remarked on my expression after the scene, my eyes opened wide, and my mouth too, pure surprise, fear and then delight. I will admit his cock excited me, was around 10+ inches, thick and cut, I hadn’t really had anyone that big or at least anyone bigger, and the thought of trying this big cock for the first time and on camera sent an excited tingle throughout my body. I grabbed the base of his cock with one hand, opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock, it stretched my mouth to get round his thick cock, but I was so into it I didn’t notice. I sucked his cock like the hungry horny girl I was, slurping and sucking, running my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, he loved it when I put his huge balls in my mouth and he rested his huge fat cock on my face.

I sucked that cock so well, again I lost where I was and it was as if I and that cock were the only things in the world. Often I would feel his hands pulling my hair or pushing at the back of my head so that his cock would tickle the back of throat until I choked and he would release me covering his cock in thick saliva. Holding the base of his cock with both hands, I vigorously moved my head back and forth taking his whole cock in my mouth each time, I heard him say ‘Connor, its coming’ next thing, Jake pulls his big cock from my mouth and starts shooting huge sprays of cum all over my face, cum was everywhere, my hair, my ear, three thick lines on my face, running down my neck and on my boobs. I look up though the cum to Jakes relieved face then over to Connors as he comes in filming my face, telling me to hold still for a few minutes before calling ‘cut’.

I was learning on the job, and turns out one of the most important parts of the scene is the cum shot, as Jake couldn’t resist and came early, they still had to catch the cum shot and would edit it in later. They broke for a quick break, while I had to go wash the huge load I had dripping all down me, and Jake took a few moments and then worked his cock praying to get hard again. After I had cleaned off I came back to the main room and everyone was ready to shoot again, after sucking cock in front of them all I was no longer self-conscience of being naked in front of them all between shoots, everyone was ready to go except Jake who was still desperately flogging his cock in the hope of getting hard. After a little bit of waiting, everyone was growing a little frustrated of waiting, I saw no other option, I got up and went over to him by the edge of the bed, ‘let me’ I whispered in his ear, Jake laid back and I took his flaccid cock in my mouth, instantly I could feel it filling my mouth as his huge cock grew stronger and stronger, after only a minute with him in my mouth, everyone was relieved to see Jake’s thick 10inch cock standing strong. Connor told me to lay on the bed, and Jake climbed on top of me, he lifted my legs up on to his shoulders, my heart was beating so fast as I was preparing to take his big cock in me for the first time, my pussy was dripping wet in anticipation and I could feel the head of his cock rubbing my pussy eager to get inside. With the camera right between my legs, Jake began to spread my pussy as his cock entered me, it felt as if it were in slow motion, I felt every inch of him enter me, stretching my tight pussy so his cock could get all the way in, my eyes widened again, and I loudly exhaled every last breath in my body as his whole big cock was inside of me. Suddenly time sped up again and he cock was thrusting in and out of me like a dog on heat, in that position he was able to enter me deeply and I was unable to do anything but groan as he rapidly pumped in and out of me. Jake was told to suppress his grunting, so the only sound in the room was noise of his balls slapping against me as he pounded away and my uncontrollable noise of pleasure each time that he did. I was aware while he was fucking me like this that Connor often moved the camera around to different positions and at one point I had the camera right in my face, capturing every expression I made while taking Jake’s big cock.

Jake then pulled out of me, my pussy still felt like he was inside of me, my face was in a moment of pleasurable relaxation, as he came over to me on his knees dangling and pointing his huge cock at my face, natural instinct was drawing my mouth towards his cock, though Connor still felt the need to say ‘now suck his cock’ this actually excited me and I opened my mouth wide for him to enter my mouth. I could taste my wet pussy on his cock, it tasted sweet, so I reached the base of his cock and held it hard as I moved more and more of his fat cock into my mouth tasting more of my pussy juice every inch of him I get in there. The camera was filmed from around the side of Jake as if from his view looking down at me sucking his cock. Often I would move my gaze from his cock, looking up at the camera with a big cock filling my mouth. Holding the base of his cock I controlled him well, often taking his cock out so I could lick up and down his shaft, around the head of his cock, and suck his big balls.

Jake stood back as Connor directed me to come around to the foot of the bed and bend over for Jake to fuck me doggy style. It was the first time since me and Jake had been having sex that I became very aware of all the men in the room looking over my naked body, I felt a little self-conscience all of a sudden completely naked, my hard erect nipples pointing strong, my clean shaved pussy so wet and a trickle running down my inner thigh. I bent over the bed, standing in my high heels and hands resting on the foot of the bed, Connor wasted no time in getting the cameras rolling again, I could feel as the camera was going in close on my pussy and ass, and trying from different angles. Jake walked past from where he had been waiting, cock still rock hard, he came round behind me, I could feel him as he held my hips with one hand, and the other he used to direct the head of his cock firstly against my wet pussy lips, and then guiding it inside me again. I let out a gasp as he pushed his cock all the way inside me. Taking a strong hold of my hips, he trust his cock hard and fast in and out of my pussy, using my big booty as a cushion every time he thrust forward. He was fucking me so strong and hard with his big cock, I felt so much pleasure, it hurt a little, but that added to the excitement of it all. The camera was being filmed from behind me and to the side, so could see his cock pounding in and out of me, my boobs rocking back and forth every time, he began to slap my ass hard, sparring himself on, it seemed to increase his excitement and he began to smack my ass and fuck me with much more aggression. After a while the camera moved to film my face, at this I felt a bit shy, I could not stop myself from groaning with pleasure as he fucked me, I closed my eyes to hide myself from the fact I was being filmed, and add to the look of pleasure.

Connor called cut, my ass stinging and red from Jake’s spanking, I sat on the bed and was handed a towel to clean a few of the bodily liquids away that were dripping down my inner thighs, Jake was talking to Connor about the next position, still rubbing his cock to keep it hard. Connor came to me next and told me in the next position he wanted Jake sat on the chair and me to ride him facing forward, try to keep me legs as spread as possible and make more noise as its getting towards the end of the scene and climax. Though it had been a very short time of meeting most of the people in the room, I went through it all in a sort of floating sensation, I no longer felt prude or worried about being seen naked, I would happily talk to people and sit around the room completely naked in between takes. Connor called out ready to roll, Jake sat in the chair in the corner, lighting had been moved and most people were now located in just one corner of the room waiting for the next position.

Jake had managed to stay rock hard, I came over to him turned around so he could see my big ass, facing the camera I guided his cock with one hand inside of me. I had become a bit dryer during the break, but after a few bounces up and down on his big hard cock it started to reawaken my pussy and I became wet again, my pussy juices dripping down his cock and balls. It was a very difficult position to support myself and ride his cock while keeping my legs spread open, this was the first time throughout the scene where I was given a position of slight control, the whole shoot in this case is supposed to be me getting pounded by him, so I enjoyed for the time being an element of control. This position really had me exposed fully, Jake was behind me and only really his legs and cock could be consistently seen, whereas for me could fully see the whole front of my body, a hard cock spreading my pussy open, my boobs bouncing up and down and my face showing pleasure and anguish of taking such a big cock, while my mouth would let out gasps and groans of pleasure each time I landed down on his cock. We kept this position for quite some time, the camera would navigate around us, sometimes or rather mostly close ups of my pussy riding his cock, my face with pleasure, boobs bouncing.

In the final position I was on the chair, on my knees, facing away, Jake stood behind me so I had to hold on to the top of the chair as he fucked me once again from behind, this was only a quick final position, so Jake was now groaning uncontrollably as he prepared to get ready to cum again, he was holding onto my waist with an extraordinary powerful grip, and he really thrust in and out of my little pussy with his huge cock, really treating me as a pure object of pleasure and nothing more. Having a cock as big and strong as his pounding deep inside of me was hurting more than pleasurable, I clenched my jaw shut and would let out high pitched squeals as he fucked me.

Connor who was watching and filming the whole thing shouted out for me to be ready to jump down from the chair to receive his cum shot. It was only a moment later Jake pulled out of me, as he did this he pulled at me to get off the chair and onto the floor. I land almost exactly on my knees with my face just below his cock, he is rubbing it slightly, sweat dripping down his body, im looking up at this huge cock, blinded almost by everything else because of the lighting, I hear Connors last instruction ‘mouth open, tongue out’ I follow his command obediently and without thought. Jake groans almost furiously as he begins to cum once more over my face, it seemed he came even more this time than the first, I felt the first shot powerfully ricochet off my cheek and over my shoulder, his next shots though absolutely covered my face, tongue and into my mouth, I dribbled most of it out as I sucked the last dripping cum out of his cock. He left the scene as I was filmed smiling blinded by cum.

Connor called cut, I was handed a towel and cleaned off my face, still naked, with plenty of cum on my boobs and elsewhere, Connor congratulated me, not sure exactly on what, having sex? But in fairness it felt right at the time. Told me to go take a shower, id earned it. In the bathroom, Jake was just in the shower, returning to the normal guy he was before the shoot, rather than the dominating horny man he was during it. We were very relaxed around each other now, though now the passion had gone, there was a shyness and avoided making eye contact. As he left I showered, when I came out, most of the crew had already packed the items away. Connor told me to get dressed again, reapply my make up as we need to shoot the beginning storyline. I just went along with it, I know filming things get cut and edited and altogether moved around, so are not always filmed in sequence, but I still felt it was weird to film the beginning at the end. The filming now was just Connor, Jake and myself, I was to go outside the hotel entrance, walk in and over to Jake, meet him for a minute, before the both of us walk to the hotel room, with Connor filming it. I think the concept was I was an innocent horny girl coming to meet an older guy. We filmed it easily and quite quickly, the hotel was almost deserted, which is probably why it had been chosen. I was happy it was quiet as I was wearing the same very revealing outfit outside the front entrance, in the lobby and walking to the hotel room.

After that was done, I quickly changed in the room so something slightly more respectable to travel home in, my ass still red from Jake’s hand, pussy sore from his cock. In the lobby we all parted in different directions, never to see each other again. Or did we?

*** Note- I never saw or know what ever happened to the film I made that day, I have no photos only memories, photos included in this story are to give an idea of places, outfits and positions.**

English class


Being at university is great, not only am I studying Economics which I really enjoy, I get to wear what is often voted the sexiest uniform in the world. A little short black skirt, and a very tight white shirt that strains over my big boobs, often strains so much that it shows a lot of side boob.

The lecture theaters are different, depending what college you go to and what classes you take, many smaller classes are in rooms like classrooms at school. Though often I do have classes where it is a lecture theater and you are raised up, is always fun to tease the lecturer with a few full views up my skirt, I know other girls do it too, is fun to see them distracted and it passes the time well.

I get asked often with all the beautiful and sexy university girls on this page, that dont lecturers get horny or distracted. Answer is of course, many wont act on it and are professionals, though there are always some only too willing to give out extra credit for some extra curricular activities you might do.

I had one lecturer, he was in his 40s, still looked good, taught a mandatory English class. Well my English wasnt always as good as it is now, and I needed to pass that class. I put on a bit of a show when in class, and after class would flirt and show off my legs in heels, make sure my buttons were straining. He then asked for my line id, contacted me later that evening, and by the end of the week invited me to his place for one on one tuition. There was no pretense, when I got there he was in only a bath towel, he dropped it to reveal his throbbing hard white cock. He fucked me while i still wore my uniform, you can see the end result above as he came huge amounts all over me.

The following week, I had the highest GPA in the class xoxo