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Tales from the parlour – The Italian Stallion

Every day or should I say evening that I work there is a tale to tell, I try to recount the ones I think the majority of my followers would like to hear about. I have massaged men of all different ages, nationalities and sizes (interpret that as you will). I remember this evening so vividly, I remember it so well as the evening started in such a wonderful way, I was sitting with a couple of other girls by the entrance to the massage parlour, my nipples wear standing hard and erect as the cool air from the aircon flowed over me. I was messaging on Tumblr with a few of my followers when I got a message from Lisa (@lisa-i-am from tumblr or Lisa-i-am Woo MeWe), we message often but this time she asked to call me with some news. I wasn’t massaging at the time so we had a short video call, was lovely to see her as ever, this was when she told me the wonderful news that her and her husband were coming to South East Asia and would like it if they could meet me. I was so elated by the news I didn’t even notice the handsome man approaching.

I was sitting on a stool looking at my phone when I heard a man with an accent say hello, I looked up and there was one of the most handsome men I think I have ever seen, tall, fit, dazzling eyes, strong jaw, and a captivating smile. Normally so confident around men I wasn’t completely sure I could stand let alone manage to reply. He said he would like an oil massage for an hour, so I got up and took him inside, unfortunately it wasn’t my turn in the line of girls to give a massage next, I took him to a bed and told him to undress, wishing I could stay to watch, sadly I pulled the curtain closed, passing the girl who would enter to massage him, I made my way back to the front of the parlour to await my turn.

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