Naughty neighbour

All of my stories so far have been me recounting some sort of sexual experience I have and I have had such good responses to them I like to write more and more. This story however is something a little different, it is written from a male perspective about me and a little adventure. Hope u like it and enjoy the difference in writing style. I will write another story again soon.

My name is Chris, a 45 year old American who has been living in Thailand for a couple of years. I just moved into an apartment in a new building in Bangkok. It’s a nice place, and I noticed right away there were a lot of really nice looking women living there. I kept seeing different women in the lobby, and in the elevator, everyone is quite friendly, I’ve already said hi to a few of them. This looks promising.

After I had been there just a few days something strange happened. I was arranging some furniture I bought, and I thought I heard something. I had some music playing, and I turned it down to listen. There was kind of a bumping sound and I could hear a voice. Not loud or anything, put persistent. I was like, huh, what is that? So I listened and tried to figure out where it was coming from. As I listened it stopped. After a while I put the music back on and continued with my work. I got a new mattress and bedding, which was just delivered that day, so I was messing around with that. I got the bed together and put the new sheets on when I thought I heard it again. I turned the music down, because I wanted to figure out what it was. This time it was louder, it sounded kind of like moaning, and a bumping noise. It was coming from the wall where my bed was. I got up on the bed and put my ear to the wall. The sounds were clearer and I listened. It was definitely someone moaning and something was bumping slightly against the other side of the wall right where my bed was. I thought right away, it sounded like sex. I kept listening, the moaning was steady, not too loud, but something was happening over there for sure. I couldn’t help it, but I started to get horny. The moaning was getting louder now, and I was getting excited. I had on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts, because it was a hot day. My cock was getting hard and I started touching myself. Now the moaning became words, it was a woman’s voice, she was saying yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck me, ohhhh, yeah, fuck me. My cock was hard now, I pulled my shorts off and tossed them on the floor, and I spat into my hand and started to rub my cock. I was getting really turned on. Her voice got suddenly louder, she almost screamed, ooohhh yeah, fuck me hard, I’m your slut, fuck me, fuck me. I couldn’t help it but I came and shot a big load cum all over my new sheets! Her voice and the bumping sound stopped suddenly, I was breathing heavily, and looking down at the huge amount of cum I had shot everywhere. I put my ear to the wall again, but it was quite. I jumped off the bed and put the music back on, and took the sheets off the bed. Wow that was great, but I can’t believe I have to wash these sheets already! Fuck, oh well, it was fun though, and I laughed to myself. Later I went out and got something to eat and came back to my apartment. I put some stuff away and did some cleaning, eventually I took a shower and got into bed with a book. It was kind of late. I read for a while, and when I started getting drowsy, I put the book on the table next to the bed, and turned the lights off. I fell into a deep sleep right away, being tired after working on the apartment all day.

I awoke early the next morning, like I usually do, it’s rare when I sleep late anymore. I was laying there in bed, feeling comfortable, kind of staring off into space. Maybe some coffee would be nice. I bought a little kettle for making hot water and some coffee and cups. So I was thinking about that, when I heard something again, and it was coming from the same place, from the apartment next to mine. I listened, I heard, “oh shit” and then a low moaning. I usually wake up with a hard on and my hand went for my cock. The voice got a little louder, it was the same voice, a woman’s voice. She was saying oh yes, over and over. I was getting fucking horny again. I started rubbing as I thought, wow this is a nice way to start the day… Well it didn’t take her long, soon she was moaning louder and saying, oh I’m a fucking slut, I want your cock so much, yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard, use me, yeah! I was rubbing my cock harder right along with her. All of a sudden she let out one loud yell, and it was quiet. I couldn’t stop myself at this point and I shot cum all over my chest and stomach. I didn’t get any on the sheets this time at least, and I made it to the shower, and got cleaned up. I came out of the shower, put some clothes on, made coffee, and thought about what I wanted to do later.

After a while I got myself together to go out. I opened the front door just as the door in the next apartment closed. I stepped out in the hall, and looked. There was a young woman standing there, her back to me as she locked her door. I guess she didn’t hear me come out, and I had a moment to look at her. She wasn’t too tall, she was wearing high heels, a pair of shorts and a tight tee shirt. The first thing I noticed though was her ass, it was round and big and she was kind of sticking it out. Her shorts were so tight, I could almost see her ass cheeks peeking out. Wow, I thought to myself. So I closed my door, she heard the noise and she turned around facing me. She had mid length straight black hair, and a very cute face. I smiled and introduced myself. She smiled and said hi, my name is Lek, welcome to the building. I noticed right away she was blushing, and then she said, I didn’t know anyone was living in that apartment yet, and smiled again. All I could do was smile, I didn’t know what to say. We both went to the elevator, and went down together, at the front door I said see you and we went off in different directions. Sooooo, I thought to myself as I walked along, that’s the voice and the woman, the horny slut who lives next door. Wow, what a neighbor! Needless to say, I was feeling very happy for the rest of the day.

A few days later in the evening, it happened again. I was laying in bed with a book reading, it was quiet. Then I started to hear the same kind of noises again coming from L’s apartment. I sat up right away and listened. More moaning, I was instantly getting horny. The apartments in this building have a big balcony’s that are all connected, separated by a low wall between each. I got an idea right away, I had to see L in action. I turned off the light in the room, and went to the sliding door that lead onto the balcony. I opened the door and quietly stepped out. I looked at L’s balcony, and her lights were on, the sliding door was closed, but her curtains were opened. I stepped over the wall and without making any noise I crept over to her window and peaked in.

She was on her bed, and facing away from me, so I could watch her without being seen. I couldn’t believe what I saw though. OMG. Her big ass was up in the air pointing right at me. She had her legs opened wide, her face was turned to the side and in the pillows. I could see and hear her clearly from where I was. She was rubbing her pussy, one hand was reaching back and around spreading one ass cheek open, her other hand was between her legs and she was really rubbing hard. She wasn’t far from me, and I could see how wet she was, the inside of her thighs were soaked. She slipped 2 fingers in now and was banging her hot wet pussy. She kept moaning and saying oh fuck over and over. I could tell she was about to cum, she was kind of shaking and moving her ass and hips. All of a sudden she yelled out and came. Her pussy juices were running down her thighs, and I watched her take her fingers out of her pussy and lick and suck on them. She was laying face down for a moment, then she suddenly rolled over, I ducked back out of sight just in time. I waited for a minute there, my cock was so hard, I felt like I was going to cum without even touch myself. My shorts were wet, pre cum was leaking out. I slowly peaked back into her room. She had rearranged herself, she was now on her back with a pillow under her ass, her head still facing away from me, so again, I could watch her without being seen. Her legs were wide open and I had a perfect view of her shaved pussy, still so wet. She picked up a big toy cock that was lying next to her on the bed, and started to play with that. She was still fingering herself with one hand, the other held her dildo, and she slowly started rubbing it on her body, teasing herself. She rubbed it on her stomach and on up to her boobs, her nipples were big and hard, she was teasing her nipples with it. She started licking and sucking on it. In and out of her mouth for a while, it looks like she love to suck cock… She got soon got most of it into her mouth.

Then she moved it down to her soaking wet pussy with her other hand holding her pussy lips open she began rubbing her clit with it, then slowly started pushing it in, then out, fucking herself, deeper and deeper each time but very slowly. In just a couple minutes she exploded again, this time yelling loudly. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, I came at about the same time, I had opened my shorts and only needed to rub myself just a couple of times, and I came. I shot a load of cum all over, on myself, some on the glass door of her balcony and on the floor too in front of the door. It was dark and I didn’t realize at the time I did this. I quickly went back over the wall and back into my apartment before she could see me. I was sitting on my bed, cum running down my legs, man, that L is one horny slut…. I showered and got back into bed, it was quiet in the building and I soon fell asleep.

Over the next few days I ran into L a few times, out in the hall and around the building. She always gave me a sort of funny look and big smile, I couldn’t figure out why. She’s a uni student going to school nearby. She’s hot, even in her uniform, always a short tight black skirt showing off her big ass, and a tight white shirt. Sexy high heels too. I swear, I could see her nipples standing out even with her bra on. But maybe it was just my imagination. I met some of Lek’s friends too, all friendly and so nice looking, they are students too. There’s Nut and Bee and Tune. They seem to spend a lot of time together in and out of school. I would her them occasionally next door in L’s apartment talking and laughing. Sometimes late into the night.

One night I was home doing something and I heard voices coming down the hall and going to L’s door. They went in, and I sort of hear conversation going on. I was feeling really horny that day and I hadn’t masturbated. I listened and it sounded like 2 people in there. I was so horny, I thought I had to take a chance and maybe try and see what they were doing. I opened my balcony door and went out. Looking at L’s balcony door, I saw it was closed and her curtains were looked closed, but no….. they were opened just a crack. Hummmm, maybe just right for peaking. I quietly stepped over the dividing wall and got close to her windows. I looked in careful not to be seen, it was Lek and Nut inside talking. L was walking around, she had on her school uniform, she was standing facing N who was sitting on a sofa. L was talking and she started unbuttoning her shirt. Oh, my cock was slowly coming to life. L removed her shirt, she was wearing a sexy white bra. Then she unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. She stepped out of that, she had on a tiny white thong, and her ass was fantastic. Her thong disappeared between her big cheeks, she was still wearing high heels. She was talking and walking around the room, she went to her dresser and opened a drawer. She started showing N different thongs, and g-strings and bras, some tiny skirts and tops too. She began to try on different things.

N got up off the sofa and walked over and was looking at the different clothing as L took off her thong and bra and tried some other stuff on. At one point she had on a tiny g-string, and high heels with a skin tight white tee shirt with little straps. N took off her shirt and skirt, and she tried on a couple things too. They were talking and laughing, they were standing close facing each other. L started touching and squeezing N’s boobs, I forgot to mention N has nice big boobs too. N took her bra off and L was feeling her tits, squeezing and rubbing them. I couldn’t believe it, I had my hand in my trousers, just holding my stiff cock. All of a sudden they were all over each other, kissing and feeling each other up. N was squeezing L’s tight ass, L had her hands on N’s big boobs, they were tongue kissing, N started slapping L’s ass and L was sucking N’s nipples. I almost feinted. They quickly took off what they were wearing and jumped on the bed together. They were doing it all, kissing and fingering and rubbing pussies, L ate N her legs wide open. L then got on her knees and spread her big ass cheeks, while N licked her pussy and asshole, every once and a while she would stop and start slapping L’s ass hard while fingering her, L would go from moaning to screaming, she was loving it. They both came a few times and ended up in each others arms. When I finally left there was a big puddle of my cum on L’s balcony again and once again, I didn’t realize I had done that, I was so stunned by what I had seen. I got back to my apartment shaking and exhausted. I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

About 2 days later I ran into L downstairs in front of the building. We started talking, and I took a chance. I asked her if she would like to go out for coffee or a bite to eat sometime. She said yes, right away, so we made a date for the following evening. I got ready and went and knocked on her door at the appointed time. She came out ready to go. She looked great, she was wearing a tiny skirt that showed off her big ass, a tight light colored top and she had on these sexy flat sandals. I could tell she worked out, her body was so tight and firm. Her brown legs were toned. She had her hair done, kind of mid length and real straight. I love that. We went downstairs and outside, and proceeded to a small neighborhood coffee shop that also served food and desserts. We both got something to eat and drink and found a table. A couple heads turned to check her out, she looked so good. We sat and ate and drank and talked. L likes books as I do and is studying English and economics at uni, so we had lots to talk about. We finished the food, and were sitting with our drinks, still chatting about this and that. During a lull in the conversation L looks right at me, right into my eyes. She smiles, and says, I have something to tell you. I say, OK, what’s that? And smile back at her. She’s suddenly looking at me kind of intensely still smiling, and she says, I know you’ve been watching me. I was shocked, and could only reply, what do you mean? She’s still locked on my eyes, and she continues, I know you’ve been on my balcony spying on me. I’m thinking, oh no and I start to get hot, my face is getting red, I could feel it….. caught! And before I could even try and make some kind of excuse or reply to her, she says and you know what? I like it. I was kind of in shock. She continued, you like it don’t you? And I just said, yes I do. That’s good, and why do you like it? she asks. I have to be honest, and so I say, because your so fucking hot. She has a big smile now, All of a sudden, I feel her foot on my leg under the table. She had kicked off her sandals. Her foot is slowly going higher up rubbing my leg until it’s right in between my open legs, and it stops right on my crotch. We’re still staring into each others eyes. So I tell her how at first I could hear her, moaning through the wall, and how horny it made me, and what I did when I listened to her, She was still smiling. My cock was getting hard and she was slowly rubbing me. And then I told her about the balcony .And I asked her, how did you know? Did you see me watching you? She said, I had a feeling someone was out there and when I found cum all over my window and then later a big puddle of it I was sure. We were both still smiling. Then she said, you know what? I don’t have any panties on now, and my pussy is so wet and hot. I leaned over just a little, and looked, while she slowly pulled up her short skirt and opened her legs, I could see her shaved wet pussy right there. I’m so horny now, and she smiled. Ten minutes later we were heading back to her apartment. Once inside, we grabbed each other and started kissing and touching, running our hands over each others bodies. I took off her top and bra, tore my tee shirt off and started feeling her boobs and sucking her big nipples, she pulled me up and whispered into my ear, I have to tell you something else… I, I’ve been bad. I looked at her and asked, really? Are you a bad girl L? Yes, she said, I’m so bad and dirty. Oh yeah, I said, I know how to treat bad girls, I know what they like. We both took off the rest of our clothes. My cock was hard and standing straight out, she had her hand on it and was rubbing it slowly. What do you do to bad girls? she asked. You’ll see, I said. I looked at her body close to me now. She’s not too tall, but in good proportion, big boobs with big nipples, and I love that. A tight flat stomach, and sexy legs. She has a beautiful brown color, and her pussy is shaved and totally smooth. A great face, small nose and a big beautiful smile. Come here bad girl, look at my cock, it’s so hard, cause you make me so horny. Do you like to suck cock? Yesss, so much.

She proceeded to suck my cock like a filthy pornstar, sucking and gagging on it, spit dripping everywhere as she sucked my balls, as she was sucking my balls I encouraged her to go a little further south, delighting when the slut didn’t hesitate to start licking my asshole. After cleaning my cock, balls and asshole for a long period of time I let her up for some air to breathe. There was something I had to do, I bent her over the bed, that big ass of hers up in the air, her pussy wet and dying to be fucked. My mind was a mess just full of horny lust and desire, I couldn’t be thinking at a time like that, as I guided my big hard white cock into her pussy. I wish I could say I was a stud, but I fucked her from behind harder and more aggressively than I ever knew I could, letting out often animalistic groans of pleasure, fucking her tight pussy rapidly I still couldn’t get enough and grabbed onto her hair, pulling her stronger than I intended as I fucked her as hard as I could. All I could think of is how much I needed her and how this is the thing I most wanted in that moment of time. I could feel myself nearing but I couldn’t stop myself. I kept a strong hold on her hair, if anything started to fuck even stronger and hard, I was aware of little else, the sound of my balls slapping against her and her constant groans from having her brains fucked out was all adding to the sensation. Without saying a word I gave her one last hard thrust into her pussy, pulling her back close as I came hard and deep into her tight pussy, firing shot after shot of hot cum deep inside Lek, she had realized through my loosened grip and calming of noise what had happened. I pulled out of her and saw some of my cum dribbling out of her pussy and down her inner thigh. Returning to my senses I started to apologize for cumming in her, she just smiled and said not to worry, before taking my cock glinting of her pussy juice and cum in her mouth and sucking my cock clean. I turn into another man a bit when I fuck, especially with this girl who id desired and wanted so much, I wanted to apologize for fucking her so strong, but again she just smiled and said it was fun, variation is important and at that time it was just what she needed. I won’t say what more happened, but I can leave u with this, have a next door neighbor like that is very convenient.

– Always any feedback is always appreciated, what did u like a lot, which parts less so. Any other story of mine u want to hear about in the near future?

Working hard for my A+

Been a while since I have written a story about myself, I do always like to as I think they can be funny, sexy and hot, and help you to get to know me a little more, only trouble is they take me a long time to write and complete. Anyway today’s is inspired by the response I got to my student teacher story I wrote before and included some end result photos which kind of ruined my shirt and skirt, the cum stain just wouldn’t come out. I actually still have the skirt, but cannot wear it anymore.

So firstly, when I tell these stories, they are based on myself unless said differently, but I change names and places as I don’t want anyone to get in any trouble. Saying that, all my stories are of me as an adult, with other adults consenting to what takes place.

Today I wanted to share with you all my first sexual experience at university with a lecturer. As mentioned before, these sorts of encounters with lecturers and students are fairly common in Thailand (by that I mean it isn’t shocking to hear of it), though it is not every lecturer who would partake in such things. Relations between lecturer and students happen in different ways, some are that they will become close and start secretly dating and/or fucking. Others might be a bit more of a one off to boost a grade, make up for a missed assignment, or just looking for extra credit.

University here tends to be for 4 years, though can depend on what course your study and at what university you attend. With the university uniform, it is often known that throughout the 4 years, girls skirts will become shorter and tighter, and their shirts tighter too (I have included a cartoon showing the idea below, also go to @lekburiram and see if you can guess what year the students are in).

My first year I was attending university, living away from my family home, but staying with an auntie. This meant I was being a very good girl, going to class and heading home, studying hard. It had taken me a lot of work to get to university and I and my family wanted me to do as well as possible. In my first year, I was an unusual quite nerdy girl (pre boob job too), my grades were high and I was working hard. During the summer break between my 1st and 2nd year, I went to stay with a friend and worked as I’ve always had to for my tuition fees, during this time, my auntie moved for work to another province, I had my boobs done and moved back to near my university for the start of the new term in a very changed situation. Men had noticed me before, but now seemed to stare, I was now living with a friend from my class too, rather than with a family member and was feeling to make up for suppressing my sexual side for a whole year.

My first few weeks went by fairly normal, back to working and studying hard, I started to have a bit more of a social life with my friend, going out places, eat and drink. It was about 2 months into the year when the social life started to overtake the hard work, and I began to fall behind, my first exams came and went and I had fallen from being a top student, to a below average one. I cried, there was no way I could show my family, and they knew I was sitting exams and would expect to know the result soon. I could of course lie, and hope that none of them wished to see the paper or check online for my progress. I spoke to my friend about what I should do, she was the first to ever mention the idea, that I should perhaps speak to the lecturer and see if I could come to any arrangement to ‘pass’ or at least have a re-sit. Obviously my friend was blunt about it and said that some lecturers were known for changing grades for sexual favors. I had an idea things like that went on, but nothing on the scale my friend explained to me. It was decided however, that the next day after class, I should try and at least talk to him, see if he could take pity on me for this one off fall in my grades.

The next day I woke and with my friend searched throughout university uniforms to find me the tightest and shortest ones we had, problem with a lot of the tight short skirts is they wouldn’t fit over my ass. Eventually we found a skirt, very tight and short, hugging my ass, and just covering me to about mid-thigh length. Any bending over was out of the question unless I wanted to completely expose myself, but I wouldn’t want to do that would I? Most girls wear safety shorts under a small skirt, or at least full panties, however I was wearing a tiny red thong. The shirt we picked out I tried on, and after a few minutes of wearing the button around my boobs gave in and pinged off. Sewed it on again very strong, so the button was holding on for dear life around my bulging cleavage. Finally to top it off I put on a pair of 6 inch black high heeled shoes.

On my way to class I got a lot of turned heads in my direction, and even had two different guys approach me for my number (well was line id, but saying number sounds more classical). I got to class and sat near the front, the lecture theatre was fairly small, could fit perhaps 50 people, u sit on benches at a desk that are raised up each level towards the back, more importantly at the front u can see what is happening under the desks. Due to my short skirt and heels, and the fact I wanted to get the attention of the lecturer, I avoided the stars in the middle and sat at the front. My boobs we straining under my white shirt so much there were large gaps between each of the buttons, and at any moment they looked like they were doing to shoot off in all directions. As my lecturer was teaching, I know he noticed me, he wouldn’t make eye contact, but would glance at my chest, then under the desk, sort of shake his head slightly to regain composure, and then continue what he was teaching, this happened a few times, especially I sort of sat with my legs sideways, as my skirt rode up so much when I sat, and this exposed my legs completely, right from my high heeled shoes, all the way up my shinny smooth calves, to my slender silky thighs.

Probably the moment you have been waiting for, after class, he was at the desk at the front of the classroom, towards the side, I was slow to pack away, people leave fairly quickly, I noticed he looked over in my direction a few times, either spying on me still or checking if I was still there. As the last students had made it to the door, I made my way over towards his desk. My lecturer was in his late 40s, western man, probably quite handsome in his youth, but in the last few years had let himself go, eat and drinking and not enough exercise. Like an average physique but a receding hairline and beer belly. As I walked towards him I was smiling, I was aware my skirt rides up a little as I walk, and his eyes were darting all over my body, would reach my eyes and he would glance away only to start all over again. He asked how I was and what he could help with. I explained how I was last year, and that I had been working hard and had to work a job to support myself and because of these had done badly on my recent exam. I looked into his eyes, learning over the desk ‘is there anything I can do’. A million thing must have been going through his mind, he came out with ‘I would love to help, but if I make exceptions for you, I will have to for everyone’. I feigned disappointment, went away from his desk, I knew his eyes followed me as I walked back towards my bench. As I got there I bend over fully exposing my ass with a little thong hiding my very visible camel toe, I remained like that for a long time ‘searching’ in my bag. I heard him speak, and I jumped a bit as he was closer, no longer at his desk. He coughed slightly to clear his throat and said ‘Perhaps we could come to an arrangement if you’re open to some ideas’ I turned around and sat on the bench facing him, he was about 2 meters away still, but I could notice him getting harder in his pants. I just nodded and said ‘anything, im desperate’. He smiled, I doubt this was his first time for hearing this, and knew exactly how to take advantage. Even though I knew what I was encouraging, I was still surprised at the way and speed in which it all happened. He told me a short time hotel that is not far from the university, he wrote the name of it on a piece of paper, said if I met him there this evening around 7pm, he was sure I could persuade him to change my grade by tomorrow. I had not expected it to have worked, I didn’t even really consider having sex with him as I hadn’t thought anything would happen, further to this I didn’t expect it was going to happen that same day. I picked up my bag, arranged my first a bit, smiled a big smile at him, and said ‘see u tonight’ I blew him a kiss as I left the classroom, I was excited and nervous as I made my way home to prepare myself for what was to come later.

I got home in the afternoon and spoke to my friend, she seemed very calm about it and relaxed, whereas I was really nervous, it was my first time ever doing something like this to boost a grade, but how naughty it was excited me too. Despite the fantasy many men have of the Thai university uniform, I could not wear that to a short time hotel, firstly as each uniform has a badge that represents the university you attend, and university uniforms should not be worn to such places, including bars. My friend and I discussed ideas of what I should do, what he might be expecting from me, and how far I should go to please him. I remained in my matching red bra and thong, with black high heeled shoes, deciding to wear a little short black dress, which could easily be slipped off and put back on. When I left my place in the afternoon, I took a deep breath and made my way towards the agreed location, I felt sick with worry on my way there, but my body was showing clear signs of arousal, my breath and pulse quickened, my boobs became slightly more sensitive and I could feel my little thong becoming more wet between my legs.

As I approached the short time hotel, I waited a few meters away from the cars drive in, not that it was overly busy. After about 10 minutes a car pulled up by the side of the road, it was my lecturer, he looked a bit cautious, but I walked around the car and carefully got in, trying to avoid exposing myself too much in my little dress. He pulled his car into where the hotel is, there are lots of mini driveways, where you can park your car in front of a room, a curtain is pulled across to hide your car from prying eyes (don’t know if these are common elsewhere, they seem to be mainly used by people cheating as they are all about the privacy, and are cheap). With the car behind the curtain, we got out and an attendant asked how long we wanted the room for, he looked at me and said ‘a few hours’ (you pay by the hour, but any more than about 4 hours and you pay a flat rate as it would be for a night). I just smiled. He also asked if we wanted anything to eat or drink brought to the room. We ordered a couple of drinks and then went into the room. The room was very basic, a bed with no covers or pillow, a mirror by the headboard and on the roof, a TV on a high stand in the corner of the room, a chair which looked like u see at the dentists, but turned out to a sex chair, perhaps more similar to something at the gynecologists. Other than that there was a little table, bedside phone to call the reception, and a little bathroom consisting of a toilet, sink and a shower. The whole place contained no windows. On the table was an ashtray with a few condoms in it (not used, they are laid out for guests).

We sat on the edge of the bed together, and the TV was on quietly, but was just providing some background noise. My lecturer (from here on Mr.) edged close to me, said that he was glad that I came, and asked if he could kiss me, I nodded and said that that was ok, so he lent in and we kissed, it was very minty, think he must have been worried about that cos it seemed recently brushed and mouthwash, I also could ever so lightly feel his stubble against my face as we kissed. He pulled away, and then asked if it was ok if he touched me, again I nodded and smiled saying it was ok. So again we kissed, this time after a few moments his hand reached my thigh and he slowly moved his hand up and down my thigh feeling my smooth freshly shaved legs, his breathing was becoming very heavy and he was learning towards me more and more, I had been hoping he would have taken the lead through the whole occasion, but he seemed very nervous and shy, I really wasn’t expecting it, but decided if this was going to go anywhere I would have to take the lead. As we were kissing and he touching my body, I reached for his groin area, he was hard under his pants, I rubbed him above his pants for a moment and he let out a big groan with excitement. We pulled away from each others lips, his eyes wide and full of lust. I stood up in front of him, as he laid back on the bed, supporting his upper body with his arms, I removed the straps of my black dress and let it fall to the floor, standing in front of him in only a little red thong, and bra struggling to contain my boobs. I walked over to the edge of the bed, between his legs and went down onto my knees however as I reached for the button of his pants there was a knock at the door. I got up as did he, I didn’t bother to dress again, as he opened the door to the attendant who had brought us our drinks, I saw he look passed Mr. at me in my underwear, and then at Mr. with his shirt untucked and button undone. He didn’t say anything, or even look liked he cared, I’m sure he had seen and heard it all working there.

Mr. B turned round holding the drinks, looking like a lost boy in need of instructions, I walked over to him with the only noise that of my heels clicking along the floor. I took the drinks from him, and let him watch my ass as I walked away from him towards the bedside table where I put the drinks. Still frozen to the spot, I walked towards him again, took him by the hand and led him to the bed. I turned him round, so his back was to the bed, I kissed him on the lips and then pushed him so he fell backwards onto the bed. As he looked at me as in disbelief that is biggest fantasy was coming true right in front of his eyes, I crawled over and started to unzip his pants, I pulled his pants and underwear down, as it passed the tip of his cock, his cock shot up, standing to attention, I stood up pulled his pants and underwear off and threw them across the room. I again crawled over to him, until my face was above his cock, I held the shaft of his cock, and then with a mouth wide open, lowered it around his cock, taking it all in my mouth, I sucked hard and slowly moved my lips and tongue up and down his cock. I was working his cock with my hand and mouth, slowly rotating my tongue and lips around the head of his cock and up and down, he would look down at me sucking his cock, and sometimes through his head back to watch in the ceiling mirror, while he was groaning away, I worked his cock with my hands as I sucked on his balls, licking them, sucking a ball at a time, then moving my lips back to his cock. After a while he called out for me to stop, at first I was confused, as I thought I was doing well and he was enjoying it, but then I realized its cos he was about to cum. I stood up, as he sat up and calmed himself down a bit, while he watched I stood in front of him and removed my bra, exposing my big boobs to him for the first time, my dark nipples were big and hard, as I removed my thong to show my freshly shaved pussy. I went over to the little table and got the little bottle of Champaign he had ordered, I popped it open using my thighs (FYI not as sexy as I had hoped) I stood in front of him as he sat at the edge of the bed, cock still glistening from my saliva, his hand was on my ass, as he looked up at me, I told him to open up and poured Champaign into his mouth. I then poured a little over my boobs, little it trickle down my body as he lapped it up eagerly. To his surprise I poured it over my pussy, the bubbles providing a great tingling sensation as with delight his tongue found my pussy like finding a meal after starving for days.

I went and laid on the bed naked for him, my legs open exposing my wet excited pussy to him, I was playing with myself a little as he fumbled over to the table to get a condom, he put it on and climbed on top of me, positioning he cock by my pussy he slowly entered me. His cock was a fairly average length probably around 6inches, but was think, at first I wrapped my legs around him as he slowly thrust in and out of me, he began to pick up speed and groaning away, the noise I made spurred him on to fuck harder and faster. He put my legs onto his shoulders while on top of me, so he could pump deep into me, every time he pounded down into my pussy I let out an uncontrollable squeal of pleasure and delight. I could tell by his increase in speed and aggression that he felt like a pornstar. He got off me and told me to bend over at the end of the bed, he walked around behind me and as I was bent over in front of him, he slapped my ass with his hand, it wasn’t painful, but the excitement and anticipation was there, he cock was slapping against my ass, until it found my pussy, this time grabbing my waist he fucked me from behind like a dog on heat. I looked forward I could see us in the mirror, my boobs rocking back and forth with every thrust, my hair all over the place, and him behind me, with a face full of pleasure, sweat dripping down him. He started to slow down, clearly tired from being in control and fucking furiously for 10-15 minutes. I laid him down on the bed again and rode his cock, bouncing up and down on him, giving him a chance to rest his body if not his cock. He grabbed my boobs and sucked on my nipples as I rode his cock. I came so much while on top of his cock, had one of my best orgasms on his thick cock, before cumming again while riding him reverse cowgirl and he rubbing his thumb over my asshole. When I laid down next to him, he removed his condom, and said he wanted me to finish him in my mouth, so I went down on his cock, after sucking for a bit it lost the condom taste, it began to be replaced with the taste of his pre cum. I knew as I was sucking his cock hard, he was starting to grab my hair more and groan more and more, I could tell he was going to cum. I had one hand playing with his balls, the other supporting the shaft of his cock, as my lips and tongue worked the head of his cock, he held my hair and pushed me down on his cock, he cock fully in my mouth, he shouted out loud as he started cumming hard inside my mouth. After blowing a huge load in my mouth he noises quietened, and his grip on my hair loosened, I sat up looking like a hamster with his cum filling my mouth. He was grinning at me like a Cheshire cat. Mr. said ‘that was amazing, as of tomorrow your passing my class’ I did the best smile I could with a huge load in my mouth and made to get up to go to the bathroom. He grabbed out as I was getting up, holding my wrist he said ‘swallow all my sperm and you’ll be passing with distinction’ I paused a moment, but did what any good student does when their teacher gives them an instruction and swallowed his cum. Took about 3 or 4 gulps to get the huge load he had produced down, laying down next to Mr. naked, yet feeling rather proud of myself.

I back with a new story, hope u enjoy, thought including photos might help ur imagination along a bit. like, comment, blog as always and ill let u know more 🙂

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