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Porn, status, videos and more

I get asked a lot of questions and I enjoy them even when to me some ask the same thing again and again. Please to feel free to ask me anything in an ‘ask’ on my blog, I enjoy answering them and its a good way for my followers to get to know me a little more. What I am doing here is to try and address some things that get asked, not as an FAQ but more where some followers quite rightly are confused.

1. Porn

I have written about an experience I had in porn a couple of years ago, u can read it on my blog. I did it mostly for money, also wanted to try. I was approached April this year to do 3 scenes during May/June for a fairly well known company. I did one scene which was filmed in Bangkok at the end of May this year. I got paid and was told the scene would appear on their website shortly and that the website is blocked in Thailand etc etc (technically porn is banned in Thailand, but it is easy to see online). I know a lot of people unsurprisingly were very supportive of me doing porn and eagerly awaiting it to be released, for a long time I have said I didnt know or have any control over the video, both points are true. The big bit of news to update u all, is that ultimately I was duped or tricked into thinking it was a bigger company, when in reality though they had some equipment it was an amateur job, in ways it worked out ok for me, I got paid and now it looks like the video will not be released in the same way. I have no way of contacting those who I made the video with. To give u a little hope, I did do the scene and had previously done porn, so next time you search ‘Thai girl fucked’ on pornhub, u never know, it might just be me.

2. Marriage

Yes I am married. I like to keep family life a bit more personal, but do discuss things with some followers on Tumblr. I have been married a few years, we had a sexual adventurous marriage, a lot of the stories I wrote about are while being married, so often u will see references to my husband. He did for a time have a blog on Tumblr where some of u followed and spoke with him (that blog has since been deleted). To answer other things, he is white, about my age, it is his cock u can see a couple of times on my blog. Around March of this year we separated, I will always say its complicated as that is what it is, we live separately and do things on our own, we are free to date others, though we have since August been seeing each other again. It is through separating that I ran into financial difficulties and started selling more x rated videos and photo sets. So to rule a line under it, yes I am married, but I am currently separated.

3. Work and Education

Throughout all my time I have been a student studying at university/college in Bangkok, Thailand. I am studying Economics, it is a 4 year course in which I am currently in my final year. I work really hard as I made a lot of sacrifices to get to be able to study, I enjoy learning, my course is in English so often when people message me I am at my university between lessons, when I am home I am often revising or working on essays and projects. As for long term, I am looking to start work at probably one of the big banks in Thailand, though it is still something I am looking into at the moment. The porn, selling pics and videos and work is all to support my education.
As for work, I have had to work since being separated, I had done some work in a restaurant, but if you know anything about wages in Thailand the pay is very very low for that sort of work. I worked from 6pm until 2am and earned about 500 baht (including tips (Thailand isnt a tipping nation)). I was too tired and making no money so I changed to working in a massage shop, I work Wednesday – Friday, it is hit and miss about making money, u get paid per massage, a massage is usually an hour where I would make about 150 baht, the shop taking the rest. It does mean the temptation is there to give a happy ending which can earn u between 500 – 1000 baht (u can google currency converter). The work is ok, I couldnt still be at university without it, would be terrible to have come so far and then drop out. I do what needs to be done.

4. Pics, videos and panties

I do not know, nor have the possibility of selling porn that I made. I do however have photo sets (of 10) and videos (stripping etc) that I sell on here, just through me. It is not something any follower needs to do, it is something I offer to try and make a little extra money to help pay rent and clothes to model on my blog. I try not to push it or make it a focus of my blog, but to those of u who would like to see exclusive content of me that will never be available on my blog, then send me a dm and we can make a deal 🙂
I understand panties are not for everyone, but I have sold my panties for 4 years now, I used to use craigslist, and have to a few followers on here, if its something that interests you, let me know.

5. Stories

All my stories are true and real events that have happened. I have a lot of sexual adventures that I enjoy sharing with u all and hearing the feedback. When writing the stories I like to be as accurate as possible, down to the details like vomiting cum lol, when I reread that I was like wow I should delete it, but then I thought, it happened so im going to share whether its a turn on or not. I do omit some more boring details and conversations, but I try to capture the way things happens as best I can.

6. Cocks

My god to most of u like talking about ur cock and hearing about me with cock. Its ok, I do like cock, and thank u to all my followers in the most part for being respectful about cock photos. Firstly for those of u (and there are tonnes) who like to show your cock to me or have it rated, I do do ‘cock amnesties’ these are periods of time where u can show me ur cock and ill rate it, u do not need to, just if u want to. At the moment I dont have one but plan to again in December and will let you know. As a side point, I do quite like cum tributes, so if u like to cover a photo of me in cum, u can send that anytime. A cum tribute should be u cumming on a photo of me, if its just beating ur poor cock and cumming thats not a cum tribute.
Cock size, I answer all the time, I do not mind about colour, and there are such things and nice and ugly cocks. For looking at a big hard cock, with veins and slight curve, heavy balls can be impressive to see. For sex I like around 6-8inches personally and like it to be quite thick. I have been with and enjoyed cocks both bigger and smaller than that. I do not thing anyone should be worrying about it.

This isnt exactly a FAQ, but is more to clarify a few things I do often get asked about and people seem a little confused over. I am happy to answer more if u send me an ‘ask’. Also I love to talk about my stories so if u have read any of them and wanted to know more, just send me an ‘ask’, though make sure to mention which story u are referring to. Love u all xoxo

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