Amateur shot material of Lek

As some of you may know I just graduated from university with a BEc, a Bachelors in Economics, to celebrate this I am after years finally releasing a x-rated compilation video available to buy for a short time. I start an office job in August, so now it your chance while im feeling happy about my degree and currently broke and unemployed lol.


The video runs for exactly 15 minutes and 30 seconds, there is no fillers, I am on camera ever second. The video is a compilation of different clips and videos I have, but to make sure you know what your getting ive included a list of what you get to see below. This is amateur shot material, I have edited with the viewers enjoyment in mind.

Wet see through clothing
Naked in the shower all soapy
Tit wank/ cock between my boobs
Riding cowgirl
Reverse cowgirl
Close up riding cock
Cum shot on my booty

Cost and payment:

I have thought long and hard about how much, as its the hottest thing ive done yet, I value it high and you would think it overpriced. So after much deliberation it is $34, $1 for each year old I am lol. There is a combination deal if you want the video and access to my private MeWe group too of $55.
Payment is made by paypal, and the video is shared with you through google drive once payment is confirmed.

Contact me at MEWE <<<click here>>> to order this compilation video 🙂