Tales from the parlour – The Italian Stallion

Every day or should I say evening that I work there is a tale to tell, I try to recount the ones I think the majority of my followers would like to hear about. I have massaged men of all different ages, nationalities and sizes (interpret that as you will). I remember this evening so vividly, I remember it so well as the evening started in such a wonderful way, I was sitting with a couple of other girls by the entrance to the massage parlour, my nipples wear standing hard and erect as the cool air from the aircon flowed over me. I was messaging on Tumblr with a few of my followers when I got a message from Lisa (@lisa-i-am from tumblr or Lisa-i-am Woo MeWe), we message often but this time she asked to call me with some news. I wasn’t massaging at the time so we had a short video call, was lovely to see her as ever, this was when she told me the wonderful news that her and her husband were coming to South East Asia and would like it if they could meet me. I was so elated by the news I didn’t even notice the handsome man approaching.

I was sitting on a stool looking at my phone when I heard a man with an accent say hello, I looked up and there was one of the most handsome men I think I have ever seen, tall, fit, dazzling eyes, strong jaw, and a captivating smile. Normally so confident around men I wasn’t completely sure I could stand let alone manage to reply. He said he would like an oil massage for an hour, so I got up and took him inside, unfortunately it wasn’t my turn in the line of girls to give a massage next, I took him to a bed and told him to undress, wishing I could stay to watch, sadly I pulled the curtain closed, passing the girl who would enter to massage him, I made my way back to the front of the parlour to await my turn.

A few moments later the girl that I had passed came to get me, she did not look happy, I looked around at her slightly surprised, though I managed to click what had happened, he had requested me and refused the masseuse allocated to him. She gave me a look of contempt as she told me, but I didn’t care, a lot of the girls get on well, but there is a lot of one upmanship that goes on, and in this case I had just won and she lost. I had a wonderful feeling from being picked by this handsome guy over her, from getting to see this handsome guy again and my news from Lisa that I almost skipped as I made my way to where he was. I stood there when I got to his curtain, took a deep breath to calm myself and checked over my outfit, I was wearing a tight white tshirt that covered a lot but my nipples were still rock hard poking through like two bullets, I was also wearing a black skirt, quite loose to allow me to move around easily when massaging. Happy enough with how I looked and with my composure in check I entered.

He was laying on the mattress already, with a towel covering his butt, the rest of his muscled body completely naked, I am happy to massage anyone, but he was a particular delight. I began to massage his back, running my hands all over his firm body, as I did this we made small conversation, his English was quite good, turned out he was an Italian businessman, late 30s, here in Thailand for only a couple of nights, though he had visited a fair few times. I did notice too outline of a ring of a recently removed wedding ring on his marital finger, but I didn’t question it. As I continued to massage I massaged his bottox through the towel as is often customary for modesty, but asked if he would like it removed, he said he wasn’t shy, so I removed the towel revealing an firm butt, something came over me that I just wanted to bite it, though my desire was appeased when I got to run my hands all over his ass, working down the thigh I brushed his cock a couple of times with my fingers when feeling his inner thigh. After a couple of times I could feel he was aroused and it was waking up. I made my way down to the lower legs and feet. It was now the time, I asked if he would mind turning over, with no towel covering him he turned over onto his back. He had a grin on his face, his strong arms and chest ripped like chiselled from the Gods, had his cock, oh my god his cock, I tried not to look at it, to pretend I hadn’t noticed, but he knew I loved it, it was only a semi and was huge, in my job I see a lot of cocks, and im telling you he was big. I called this story the stallion, you would be right to think it’s because he was a handsome man, but it was more than that, he had a horse cock. I’ll admit I was so turned on, I felt the heat burning in my cheeks, my nipples almost tearing through my shirt and my pussy moistening just at the sight. I massaged his lower leg, when massaging his thighs I couldn’t help but keep knocking it, every time I brushed It, it was becoming harder and harder, until suddenly his huge cock stuck up in the air like a veiny flagpole. He certainly wasn’t shy and it couldn’t be ignored, I asked if he wanted me to finish him, disappointed I didn’t get to touch his firm chest, but that disappointment quickly disappeared with the thought of having my hands around that cock. Hoping he would say yes, I moved my eyes from his cock to his eyes and he replied ‘of course, si bella donna’ I didn’t know any Italian, but I knew of course, with delight I covered my hands and his huge cock in oil, I sat between his legs, feeling his firm legs either side of me, and put both hands around his cock, with both of my hands around his thick cock they were only covering around half of it, but I made them count, with the warm glistening oil I rubbed my hands up and down his shaft, wanting to feel and pleasure this big cock so much, rubbing my hand up near the head of his cock, with the other hand cupping and playing with his big balls, he laid back in ecstasy, most guys would have cum by now with the oil and both my hands working his cock and balls, but I was delighted he hadn’t, I was enjoying what I was doing. He asked me to see my boobs, normally this would lead to another round of negotiations, but I was so excited and turned on my top hit the floor in seconds, I put his big cock between my tits and let his huge oily cock fuck them, looking down at his huge cock and the head poking my chin, I didn’t even thing and opened my mouth and started sucking his cock. There was a lot oil but I didn’t even notice or care, I sucked his huge cock like a girl possessed, I was on all fours, using one arm to support me, the other hand and my mouth where working his cock. I felt such pleasure having his huge cock in my mouth, my pussy was screaming out in jealousy, wanting some attention, I could feel it so wet now, it had soaked my thong completely.

So horny for him I couldn’t help myself, I wanted his cock, I wanted to pleasure it, I put my face down and licked his asshole with his balls in my face and cock resting on my head, I worked my way back up, sucking his big balls, taking his sac in my mouth. I ran my tongue up every inch of his shaft, when reaching the top, I took the whole head in my mouth, allowing his cock further and further into my mouth and down my throat. I wanted him side my pussy so bad, but just as I was thinking, I felt his warm cum filling my mouth and firing down my throat, I had no choice but to take his huge load in my mouth and swallow it all, it kept cumming, his big balls well and truly being emptied. His huge cock started to relax, I still sucked his semi cock for every last drop of his cum. He started to dress, I did too, the oil from him fucking my tits now making my white top fairly transparent. He asked if I would come to his hotel with him, I wanted to play it cool but had answered yes before I even got the chance to consider. As he went to pay, I went to get my bag, as we left I walked past the girl he had refused and smiled at her, she looked at me with contempt but I didn’t care, I was leaving with a hot guy with a huge cock, this time my pussy would get the attention it desired and she wouldn’t be anything.