A little beach fun

Today I wanted to share with you all my experience of public nudity and sex. I do like to have sex in public, there is a difference though, I wouldn’t want to just do it in the middle of the street, but I think its great fun to have sex when you and your partner are horny and find a quiet little spot somewhere and just go at it for a quickie. This story however is slightly different, it all began back in September while I and my husband were looking for a place to go on holiday. We wanted somewhere fairly local, but living near some of the best beaches anyway, we wanted to go somewhere with something a bit different. The idea of finding a nudist beach came up, nothing sexual, just would be fun to go from a hotel and walk and lay on the beach naked, fun to show or can be seen, but always relax in the sun. In Thailand and most of South East Asia, despite what some might think, they are very conservative countries when it comes to public nudity. We did however find a few resorts that have large areas of grounds including a fairly long stretch of beach available for customers to be nude. We decided to book and try it out. We went for a long weekend in November, though there are a few stories I could tell, it was one last afternoon on the beach that I think was most fun.

A little about the resort, it wasn’t a naturalist (I think that’s the name for people who want to be naked all the time) but instead was a place that was available for people to be nude, semi-nude if they so choose. It did seem that around the resort people practiced different levels for nudity from little shorts and a bikini top, topless or full nude. My husband wore a little pair of swim shorts, and I a bikini at first, but the beach people seemed to strip off more, so we did too.

On the second day, just after midday we decided to go down to the beach, it wasn’t very crowded, but people about 5-10 meters away from each other, we found a space a little way down the beach and laid down our towels. Looked around a bit and both stripped naked, was really fun to be completely naked in public, feeling the sea breeze making my nipples poke hard, and past my freshly completely shaved pussy. Other people do look over, like to see what’s around, and let’s face it, everyone likes a little perv when they can.

During the early afternoon, we mostly just laid on our towels, had a drink, read a book or listen to music, some men would walk past and you can always catch them having a glance at you when they are exactly in line to look between your legs, some would have walked past a fair few times throughout the afternoon. At around 3, we got up and decided to go down to the sea and splash/swim about a bit, it was then we noticed there was quite a few other people, nearly all men, all nude, sitting on towels almost in a circle with a 10-20 meter radius of where we were set up. Being in the water you know most eyes are on you as everyone is pretty much looking out to sea when they sit on the beach, was fun to be watched and when in the water could just see my boobs, as the rest of me was underwater where me and my husband’s hands were wandering. Coming out of the water and up the beach is everyone’s best chance to see my naked body, but boobs bouncing as I walked, my clean shaven pussy, and water dripping all down me, my husband was walking just behind me with a huge erection, I looked around at him surprised he just walked front of everyone with a hard cock, but he just shrugged and smiled.

As we laid back on the towels and dried off, we just chatted a bit, kissed and enjoyed the ring of men we seemed to have acquired. Deciding to show off I laid on my back with my legs spread wide open, my husband laid on his front so men would be more daring to come and have a peak. About a minute after laying like that, men began to walk past with much more frequency, two even stopping about 3 meters away, directly in line with my pussy and had a fake/mumbled conversation while constantly glancing at me.

After a while I turned over onto my front and spoke with my husband a bit more, I love to tan at the beach so had a bottle of oil with me, he knelt up and started to pour huge amounts of oil all over my body, rubbing his hands over every inch of me, I would move position showing off as he poured more and more oil on me so my body was glistening in the sun. Men all around were watching, some I could see had their hands down between their legs giving themselves a little fondle. One man came over naked, cock out and everything and looked at me while asking a sort of made up question of did we know where something was, like a restaurant or café etc. The next guy to approach though, asked if he could help rub oil on me, I was already smothered in oil at this point, but me and my husband appreciated his boldness so he joined my husband in running his hands all over my oily smooth skin, obviously overly focusing on some parts of my body than others (never knew my boobs required so much oil), whilst this was happening is caused a bit of a stir in the men around us, half hating themselves for not having been as bold as that guy and half getting hard with excitement that something might be happening here.

The guy thanked us, gave my boob a final squeeze and went back over to his towel, me and my husband laid back, but he couldn’t keep his hands off my oily skin and soon we were both very aroused, we started kissing and fondling until I made my way down to his hard cock which was standing fully erect and waiting. With my body between his legs, his cock in my mouth and my ass up in the air on all fours, I began to suck my husband’s cock, completely naked on the beach in front of everyone in the late afternoon sun. Men began to walk over, no longer just walking past, 3 or 4 men openly just stood a few meters behind me watching my oiled ass and pussy exposed right in front of them, other men preferring to stand around the side or in front of me to see what I was doing. After sucking his cock, he beckoned me to come sit on his face, I turned around and sat my pussy on my husband’s lips as his tongue went to work. I was so wet and horny, I completely ignored the spectators as I enjoyed my husband’s mouth and hands go to work on my pussy and ass, I leaned back groaning with pleasure and rubbing my oily breast and erect nipples. After we stood up naked in front of everyone, there were around 9 men standing close by, and still a few others watching from further, my husband said we were going to have sex, but somewhere a little more down the beach where the sand broke into sand dunes and it was a little more secluded, he said people were welcome to follow and watch. Was a sight to see, me and my husband watching aroused completely naked down the beach, carrying a bag with our stuff from the beach, being trailed by around 5 men who had decided to follow.

Finding a spot, just hidden from view from people walking along the beach by a few sand dunes, I laid out our towel, laid on my back as my husband laid on top of me 69, help warm each other up a bit after the little walk down the beach, sucking his cock, as he used his tongue to reawaken my pussy. He climbed off me and then turned around and climbed on me missionary style, starting off slowly then moving to put my legs up on his shoulders to he could enter deep into my pussy. Whenever I looked up I could see 3 men standing a meter at most from us, not hiding anymore they were erect and jerking themselves off as they watched us have sex, the other two had followed were doing the same though seemed a little more shy and were about 5 meters back. My husband and I were turned on by all the aroused spectators, he got me on all fours and fucked me doggy style, this time most men were enjoying seeing my boobs rock back and forward every time my husband trust into me. The whole experience was happening so fast, excited for such a long period of time my husband laid back, as I began to ride him, this seemed to be to the delight of the group watching as in this position they could clearly see my face filled with pleasure and more importantly my boobs bouncing up and down as I rode my husband’s cock. As I turned to ride reverse cowboy, most of the men were now in from of me watching my boobs, 2 guys enjoying the view from behind as my ass bounced up and down seeing my husband’s cock going in and out of my tight pussy. Even the two guys further away had come closer to enjoy the spectacle. One of the men, the same guy who had rubbed oil into me earlier said he was about to cum, just straight out asked if he could cum on me while I rode my husband’s cock. I looked over my shoulder at my husband, he just smiled and gave me a wink of approval, I have never minded cum, and quite like a man to cum on me breasts. A few moments later as I was cumming on my husband’s cock, groaning out with pleasure, the first guy started cumming all over my boobs, setting a standard for the others, over the next few minutes they all took turns cumming as best they could all over my boobs.

Soon after it all got too much for my husband and he came hard inside me, climbing off my husband hard cock, I had my husband cum dripping out of my pussy running down my inner thigh, while having the front of my body covered in various loads of cum from the people watching, mixed with the oil, the cum had mostly landed on my breasts and run all down my body and soaked into the sand in a little puddle at my feet.

Walking down with my husband to wash of the 5 loads of cum in the sea, the group of men dispersed and went back to the resort or back to their towel feeling very relieved. We walked past some of them along the beach while walking back to our hotel room, sharing a little smile with each one as we past.